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A Withdrawn Specification for Seamless Carbon Steel Boiler Tubes FB Test Method for Specific Optical Density of Smoke Generated by. Test according to ASTM E Standard Test 6, 28, 2 3. Specific optical density. 0, 1, 0, 2, 1, 8, 3, 7, Astm F 83 Pdf 13 DOWNLOAD. washer must be held between two inch ( 13 mm) nuts that are adjusted to tightly. (ASTM) Standard Test Method ASTM.

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The polycarbonates, brominated oligomer, and axtm additives can be combined in any order, and in form, for example, powder, granular, filamentous, as a masterbatch, and the like. Polycarbonate-polysiloxane copolymer compositions, articles formed therefrom, and methods of manufacture thereof. In an embodiment, the poly siloxane-carbonate can comprise siloxane units in an amount of 0.

The transparent polycarbonate compositions have special utility in applications requiring clarity, for example any of the above articles or components can be manufactured using the transparent polycarbonate compositions disclosed herein. Alternatively, the first poly siloxane-carbonate adtm used with a brominated oligomer.

Combinations comprising at astj one of the foregoing dihydroxy aromatic compounds can also be used. The composition of sstm 1wherein the E smoke test Dmax has a value of less than when tested at a thickness of 1. In another embodiment, a polycarbonate composition comprises: The article of claim 7wherein the article is selected from a balcony component, baluster, ceiling panel, cover for a life vest, cover for a storage bin, dust cover for a window, layer of an electrochromic device, lens for a television, electronic display, gauge, instrument panel, light cover, light diffuser, light tube, light pipes, mirror, partition, railing, refrigerator door, shower door, sink bowl, trolley cart container, trolley cart side panel, or window.

The composition of claim 5 wherein the first polycarbonate is derived from bisphenol A aztm formula 2 and wherein formula 2 has the formula. Polysiloxane compound and its preparation and copolycarbonate xstm comprising. Branched polycarbonate blocks can be prepared by adding a branching agent during polymerization. In another specific embodiment, D is a C alkylene and T is p-phenylene, m-phenylene, naphthalene, a divalent cycloaliphatic group, or a combination comprising at least one of the foregoing.


Various endcaps can be present, for example polycarbonates having phenol endcaps or 2,4,6-tribromophenol endcaps can be used.

Polycarbonate copolymers with ester units, known as poly ester-carbonate s and polyester-polycarbonates are selected so as to not significantly adversely affect the desired properties of the polycarbonate composition, in particular low smoke ast, and low heat release, as well as other properties such as stability to UV light. It is also possible for the optional third polycarbonate or the additional polycarbonate to contain units other than polycarbonate units, for example ester units.

The percent of siloxane and bromine is weight percent based on the weight of the copolymer. Combinations comprising at least one of the foregoing dihydroxy ashm can also be used.

Govmark Fire & Flammability Test Instruments

When present, inorganic flame retardant salts are present in amounts of 0. Specifically, the additional polycarbonate does f8148-3 contain siloxane units or bromine. It should be understood that the non-limiting examples are merely given for the purpose of illustration. Title 14 Part 25 Subpart I. The disclosure qstm further illustrated by the following Examples. The polycarbonate compositions are particularly useful in train and aircraft, for example a variety of aircraft compartment interior applications, as well as interior applications for other modes of transportation, such as bus, train, subway, marine, and the like.

Similarly, a poly siloxane-carbonate can be used with a poly siloxane-etherimide to improve impact.

ASTM International : Withdrawn Standards

R 2 is each independently a C 7 -C 30 hydrocarbon group. The composition of claim 1wherein E in formula 1 and formula 2 has an average value of 25 to 75. Flame retardant polycarbonate compositions with improved weathering performance containing cyanoacrylic esters. A specifically useful melt process for making polycarbonates uses a diaryl carbonate ester having electron-withdrawing substituents on the aryls. Mixtures comprising linear polycarbonates and branched polycarbonates can be used.

NBS Smoke Density Chamber, Smoke Toxicity Chamber, ASTM Smoke Density Chamber

The additive types and details that were used in the compositions of the Examples are shown in Table 2. Combinations of the foregoing R groups can be used in the same copolymer. Soveltuu parhaiten puhtaille ljyille. Illustrative examples of dihydroxy aromatic compounds are resorcinol i.


While the smoke density and OSU tests demonstrate the ability of the polycarbonate compositions described herein to comply with both the smoke generation and heat release satm for transportation components, particularly aircraft or train interiors, any of the above-described compositions can advantageously comply with other related flammability and safety tests as described above.

In a specific embodiment, the polycarbonate awtm a linear homopolymer or copolymer comprising units derived from bisphenol A, in which each of A 1 and A f814-883 is p-phenylene and Y 1 is isopropylidene in formula 4.

The results in Table 8 show that the targeted flame and smoke properties 2-min total heat release and peak heat values of less than 65 and a smoke Dmax value of less than were achieved in polycarbonate compositions containing siloxane using the different sources of bromine as flame retardants.

Mono-carboxylic acid chlorides can also be used with cyanophenols as chain stopping agents. For example, a poly siloxane-carbonate having a relatively lower weight percent e.

The composition of claim 19wherein the E smoke test Dmax has a value of less than when tested at a thickness of 1. Some illustrative examples of dihydroxy compounds include the following: Siloxane-polyestercarbonates have low melt flow and good color stability to indoor light, but may shift in color upon exposure to UV light.

EX 16 without heat stabilizerwhen compared with EX 17 contain similar siloxane and bromine content as EX 16 but with heat stabilizerdemonstrates that the heat stabilizer IRGAPHOS has no significant effect on the flame or smoke performance in the compositions. The first polycarbonate, i. The composition of claim 1wherein E in formula 1 and formula 2 has an average value of 25 to 50.

The safety standards for aircraft and transportation systems used in the United States include a smoke density test specified in FAR Brominated polycarbonate oligomers are disclosed, for example, in U. Smoke density D s at 4.