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This specification2 relates to possible hazards that may not be recognized readily by the public and that may be encountered in the normal use for which a. ASTM F available in Chinese here: COMPS/htm. – Both F‐07e1 and F‐08 can be included as a. Both F ASTM F (PF) – Designation: F – 08 An American National Standard Standard Consumer Saf.

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The toy is to rest on a? The length of the strap shall be measured when the product is placed on a horizontal surface with no load. For testing purposes, any textile fabrics used in toys should comply with 16 CFR Several trials on different surfaces and with different weights may be necessary to determine the maximum continuous current draw.

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The materials shall be assessed visually by the unaided eye rather than under magni? FHSA shall conform to the labeling requirement of that act. The analytical results obtained should be adjusted in accordance with the test method in 8.

It does not purport to cover every conceivable hazard of a particular toy. Tests for Cleanliness and Preservative Effectiveness. Test battery toys satm new primary batteries or fully charged secondary batteries.

This requirement is applicable before and after use and abuse testing in accordance with 8. This measurement shall be taken from the nipple side of the shield to the end of qstm nipple. Such an example is a sharp point necessary for the function of a needle.


After undergoing the appropriate test, the toy shall be f693-08 for possible hazards, such as points, edges, or ingestible objects, in accordance with the relevant requirement of Section 4. Toys intended for children aged less than 48 months shall not have accessible hazardous functional sharp edges. F — 08 speci? Toys intended to be repeatedly assembled and taken apart shall have the individual pieces and awtm assembled articles, as shown on packaging graphics, instructions or other advertising, evaluated separately.

If reprocessed materials are used, they must be re?

F — 08 Powered models of aircraft, rockets, boats, and land vehicles; however, toys that are their counterparts are covered. Illustrations of the paci? F — 08 operation. For purposes of these requirements, unless otherwise speci? Mechanical and physical properties 3. When applied perpendicularly to the major axis of the component at a point 2 6 0. Additionally, the protective tip shall not produce or reveal hazardous points or edges when? A wire hook shaped as shown in Fig. A squeeze toy shall meet these requirements when tested under the force only of its own weight and in a noncompressed state.

This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. F — 08 requirements are applicable before and after use and abuse testing in accordance with Section 8. An illustration of a sharp-point tester is shown in Fig. Folding Mechanisms and Hinges The astmm openings shall be unobstructed when the asym is placed on the?


The plug shall not be recessed more than 0. These limits reflect the nature of the hazards and expected mental or physical ability, or both, of a child to cope with the hazards.

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The disk shall be attached to an appropriate compression scale having an accuracy of zstm Criteria for determining which toys are subject to these requirements are provided, in part, in 16 CFR The loading device used in the test shall be a torque gauge, torque wrench, or other appropriate device having an accuracy of If the manufacturer determines that it is impractical to label the product, this information shall be placed on the packaging or in the instructions.

Work Item s — proposed revisions of this standard. In addition, no advertising copy or graphics shall state or imply that the child will be safe with such a toy if left unsupervised.

Powered models of aircraft, rockets, boats, and land vehicles; however, toys that are their counterparts are covered.