This space contains information about the Platform release. The product is an IT-process-automation platform that enables you to. Today’s top 27 Bmc Atrium Orchestrator jobs in United States. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. New Bmc Atrium Orchestrator jobs added. BMC Atrium Orchestrator is an IT process automation solution that allows IT personnel to create workflows across applications, platforms, and tools to.

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TrueSight Orchestration works with TrueSight Operations Management and other event orchestartor solutions to take IT Operations from incident response to automated, proactive problem management. High volumes of system, network, and application events can bog down your operations team with recurring problems.

Atrium Orchestrator

Application connectivity Integration Mapping Wizard to simplify configuration of application interfaces. Consolidate data faster and easier by eliminating resource-intensive customization.

Automate IT processes to accelerate service delivery while lowering cost. Upgrade or change IT management applications without redesigning workflows Improve quality of service and customer satisfaction. Atrium Orchestrator handles the highest workflow volume of routine tasks and process enforcement to reliably meet the day-to-day demands of the largest enterprises and service providers. Select the link below that best matches your interest. TrueSight Orchestration is orchestrato digital enterprises.

Customer Support My Support Login.

See how it works Orchestator demo. However, each call to the service desk requires human interaction, even for routine, repeatable tasks. Organizations are modernizing their service desk operations with mobile access and newer web interfaces. Centralized console Operator Control Panel for control and monitoring of workflow execution.


Getting started with TrueSight Orchestration is easy. Each of these changes must be tested, approved, and documented. TrueSight Orchestration automates the resolution of recurring events that have standard remediation processes. Deliver IT services faster, without manual touch.

Integrate easily with BMC and third-party IT service management applications and tools Save money and time by automating manual tasks like password resets. Create incidents and change requests automatically Automatically execute remediation and close out change records Create audit-ready, traceable processes to prove compliance Reduce application downtime from unplanned changes.

To learn more about how we can help you improve performance while reducing cost and risk. Move from reactive, manual handling of requests to a fully automated system Automate data collection for audit compliance Free up IT resources. Simplify process compliance without administrative burden.

Empower your service desk with automation. Servers are updated orchestraror with patches and configuration changes to improve performance or close security vulnerabilities. Atrium Orchestrator Process automation across your entire service management environment IT process automation can significantly lower the cost of IT delivery and reduce the risk associated with manual interactions.

Atrium Orchestrator

Shift from costly Atirum 1 and Level 2 support to self-service automated fulfillment, such as for account unlock, password reset, access to systems and applications, and employee onboarding Integrate with leading service management software for process approval and compliance Save money and time attium automating manual service desk processes Improve quality of service and customer satisfaction with orchestratpr results.


Enterprise class Scalable grid architecture with load balancing and high availability. Tackle a simple task today and handle more complex process and application integration needs over time. Process automation can reduce manual effort by 90 percent Tackle a simple task today and handle more complex process and application integration needs over time. Use the machine learning capabilities in TrueSight Operations to identify arium candidates Get a holistic view into the health and security of your IT infrastructure including security events Validate an event or fault, create an incident orchestratir change ticket, automatically execute remediation, and close out change record Accelerate MTTR mean-time-to-resolution while reducing human error and support costs Improve employee morale by reducing repetitive work Support collaborative development in GitHub and the BMC Community.

Integrating your service desk data internally and with partners helps foster communication, speed problem resolution, and improve customer satisfaction. IT process automation can significantly lower the cost of IT delivery and reduce the risk associated with manual interactions.

Graphical design Graphical Development Studio for assembling workflows. Take a closer look. Deliver consistent task and automation workflow results Align with best practices. Main Menu Featured Products.