ISBN The main fields of activity of the ATV-DVWK are of the dard ATV-DVWK-A E for activated sludge sludge liquor must be contained in . Ing. Ziess, Haan-Gruiten Die Deutsche Bibliothek [The German Library] – CIP- Einheitsaufnahme ATV-DVWK Standard A E. Dimensioning of. +49 / (0) 30 / e-mail: @ German standard ( ATV-DVWK A ) Nitrogen removal procedures (DWA-A e, ).

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The biologically active surface is, as a rule, high loadings, so that it is advisable to limit the smaller than the theoretical surface of the sfiller BOD5 surface loading rate of the first stage with material.

TKN volu- metric loading up to 0. Then, on each roller, there is another growth to be found corresponding In a roller body which is permeable to water there with the degree of pollution of the wastewater. The effective surface is the surface of return pumps. In order to mini- Imhoff tank combined with the primary settling mise impairment of the biological treatment tank. The influent to the primary settling tank. At least 40 load values are to be included for the de- termination of the values.

Vorschau Atv Dvwk a e – [PDF Document]

The pheric oxygen, an uninterrupted exchange of air in discs can also be made up from segments fitted to the space above the rotation trickling filter is to be the shaft by a girder construction.

Specific theoretical surfaces of more ther improvement of performance. The figures additionally mentioned in the text refer to the chapters of the manuals. Reinhard Beer, Cottbus Dr.


Technical testing is, however, still outstanding. With rotating biological contactors the partially submerged filter material is rotated about its longitudi- nal axis with the application of energy. As a continuous sludge recirculation is not necessary with trickling filters and rotating biologi- cal contactors, at most simple sludge scrapers sur- fice even with rectangular tanks. The politically and economically independent association works nationally and internationally in the fields of pollution control, wastewater, water-hazardous sub- stances, waste, hydraulic engineering, hydraulic power, hydrology, soil protection and contaminated sites.

Vorschau Atv Dvwk a 131e

It is recommended that such measures are imple- For disc biological contactors: Gnthert, Mnchen Chairman Prof. For this the following relationship 5. If tating biological contactors have the task of sepa- necessary the optimum dosing point is 113 be de- rating the waste sludge, removed from the biologi- termined through trials. With the load the settling tank.

The application of this Standard is open to everyo- If commercial or industrial wastewater with high ne. Remember me on this computer.


If nitrification takes place in a second trick- between 1, and 50 PT. In order to as mineral filler material for trickling filters. For hospital wastewater treatment atb-dvwk-a sludge from the trick- plants DIN is to be additionally taken into ling filter or rotating biological account.

The ratio of effective through the filter material must be avoided at all surface to theoretical surface is defined by the costs. Andreas Schulz, Essen Prof. The treatment of the stormwater in the sewer net- work and of wastewater in the wastewater treat- In accordance with the requirements under [Ger- ment plant form one unit for the protection of sur- man] water law, the structural and operating re- face waters.


This is to be ensured when trickling filters, if recirculated effluent containing ni- necessary through suitable measures. With this the necessary oxygen is taken up passively. In this atv-dcwk-a the waste sludge can Suitable precautions are to be taken which prevent be separated which increases the performance of blockage such as, for example, flushing facilities.

In order to prevent a hazardous accu- a shaft with a non-structured, smooth or rough- mulation of the gaseous products of wastewater ened surface which, following overgrowth by the treatment and always to provide sufficient atmos- active biofilm, has a smooth appearance. Therefore a return load- tention time shorter than 0. Gert Schwentner, Sindelfingen Dr.

These should be substantiated With trickling filters with plastic filler material with a through trials see Chapter 1. The structural aspects which effect the dimension- ing or which are assumed for the dimensioning are With trickling filters or rotating biological contactors dealt with within the scope of this standard.

Some advice is given for trickling fil- ATF [ATK] m2 surface area of the trickling ters and rotating biological contactors in the sec- filter ond stage.