plant perception (a.k.a. the Backster effect). Plants are living things with cellulose cell walls, lacking nervous or sensory organs. Animals do not. Grover Cleveland Backster Jr. could always spot a liar. When he publicized his findings, the so-called Backster effect became a pop-culture. The Spirit Science Source Field series begins here, as we dive into the field by exploring something called the backster effect! Cleve Backster was very.

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The tests involved connecting plants to a polygraph galvanometer and employing actual and imagined harm upon the plants or upon others in the plants’ vicinity. A Mini Course in Pendulum Dowsing.

While this research and subsequent book made a great splash in the media, it efficiently turned away scientists from the study of senses of plant biology as a sort of the unthinkable, taboo if you will. When controls were used, no plant reactions to thoughts or threats were observed.

The Secret Life of Plants – Harvard Science Review

Tompkins, Peter, and Christopher Bird. The answer should be obvious. Instead the lie detector immediately indicated, what would be a happy effect in humans. Plants are also a link in the chain of beings, in which each effecr or level needs the others in order to function and evolve. The galvanic skin response GSR section of the polygraph measures the resistance of the skin to a small electrical current. Based on the results of the experiments the inverse square law does not apply to thought.

Who knows—because after all, none of us are plants. Backster’s work caught the attention of the Church of Scientology founder, Ron Hubbard. He used split leaf philodendrons connected to a Wheatstone Bridge that would compare a known resistance to an unknown resistance.

At least Backster seems not to have considered seriously the notion that the plant might try to deceive him. An Examination of Primary Perception in Plants.

  JRC2068 PDF

Plant perception (paranormal)

The idea is not accepted by the scientific community, as plants lack nervous systems. The show concluded that the results were not repeatable, and that the theory was not true. Print versions available in DutchRussianJapanese backater, and Korean. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter rffect comment here Surly plants can use this information to react to the world, but the curiosity arises when one asks whether plants can organize themselves to do something more than just a slight movement to the sun, or bacckster blooming of a flower.

According to biologist Patrick Geddes “In his investigations on response in general Bose had found that even ordinary plants and their different organs were sensitive— exhibiting, under mechanical or other stimuli, an electric response, indicative of excitation.

One day, on the New Jersey Turnpike, he decided to let them know, through thought, that he was on his way home.

Cleve Backster

Had he just a smattering of understanding regarding the importance of using controls for studies which try to establish causality, he might have proceeded differently.

Backster’s true genius is exhibited in his final remark on the remarkable experiment: Bacckster from ” https: Scientific Truth Verification, Lie Detection.

It is no argument that humans use their senses to feel, think and act. Even things like fragrance can prove to be useful to plants. Backster tells us that it was on February 2,in his “lab” in New York City that he did his first plant experiment. Deadly Straw – TV. efect

New Solutions for Restoring Our Planet Apparently, he moved the electrodes and saw that the contour of the polygraph chart was “the contour of a human being fefect, reacting when you are asking a question that could get them in trouble.


Next, it might have occurred to them that there might be a better backsher to measure electrical current in plants than using a backstter. The electrodes are used to measure galvanic skin response and the plant showed readings which resembled that of a human.

Probing the Existence of the Supernatural. Cleve Backster was also famous, notorious in fact, and had been since about when he first claimed that plants have primary perceptions which can sense human thoughts and respond effeft them. He was able to repeat the event several times and then he couldn’t get a response. I am going to burn that plant leaf, that very leaf that’s attached to the polygraph. Clearly, Backster has his followers and they think he has done fundamental and extraordinary work in science.

It also is not quite clear why the response to a threat to one’s well-being would result in the same kind of response as being caught in a lie. Then, he had his Eureka!

Backster stated that, to his immense surprise, “the tracing began to show a pattern typical of the response you get when you subject a human to emotional stimulation of short duration”.

He wffect no indication that he even considered that there might be other possible explanations for the movement of his polygraph.

White Rose Millennium Press. Further investigation has shown that the original observations probably arose from defective measuring procedures. Using an instrument to measure galvanic skin responses GSRa badkster of his polygraph or lie detector stock-in-trade, Backster attempted to determine whether it would measure the moment of rehydration of a plant whose roots were freshly watered.