Bandit goes out to a strictly limited number (maximum world-wide) of ambitious Bandit will consider publishing your feature in the next available issue. Subscribe Now. BUY CURRENT ISSUE. 1x Current Issue with over 20+ A&R. Bandit A&R Newsletter, East Grinstead. likes · 1 talking about this. Music Industry Opportunities from Labels, Management, Publishers, Media.

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To my knowledge, there is no other film music agent addressing film placement in this, niche marketing way. There is no obligation to subscribe for any minimum period. John is also constantly introducing unsigned music talent to music companies looking to source new acts, songs and recordings – on a worldwide scale, from his Newport Isle of Wight office.

For more information contact…. Send your streaming links to…. Adam tells me that their current project is &ar put together a Female Rock band.

What is the Bandit A&R Newsletter?

Any full length, mostly acoustic CD released independently during the year qualifies. Drop them an email with links at…. They work with all major and indie record companies, and they are mainly looking for unique young acts — mainly female who look fantastic, able to play an instrument, able to write cool lyrical content with fantastic melodies. Dave is looking for acts that have the capacity to make a debut album that will blow everyone away like Psychocandy, Marqee Moon, Roxy Music etc.

Most people dish out rejection in a way which makes you hate them and become bitter. They have the drummer, bass and lead vocal sorted but need to hear from girl guitarists.

Send full press-kit, gig list plus CD, marking package ” Bandit “. The advantages of this business model are a more positive relationship with customers and the ability to expand a band’s audience through online peer2peer networks and web-sites without the usual worries about copyright infringement and liability.


They want someone who is willing to take risks and be experimental.

They have a current roster of around jewsletter artists and distribution is through Believe Digital internationally. They have a about 10 releases a year and their current is roster 25 one of which has achieved a 4 in the Starfleet Dance chart and 6 In the crossover chart. Submit by mp3 to….

Bandit A&R Newsletter

Distribution is by plus downloads. Richard says the type of material they are after is Indie style Natalie Imbrugoia.

They also operate two independent publishing companies for those who are looking for a publisher. Mark ONLY works with experienced, professional people bandiy please don’t try for newslettter unless you can show some serious track record so far.

Oh, and we also have a lot of fun doing what we do. There are also several free tips at the site, along with numerous links to resources that will enhance professional knowledge. To contact, please send an e-mail initially to introduce yourself, perhaps with a myspace link, and they will give you a forwarding ad- dress to send a package to if they are interested in what you’re do- ing.

You may submit your music and all inquiries to the online here…. Every band that has been released onwith only one exception, has gone on to get signed by a bigger label! Please don’t submit unless you are female and play guitar!! You only have a short window of opportunity to become successful, you will soon be too old to be of any interest to music business investors.

The catalog is also available through MusicNet and Rhapsody.


Check out the preview here: These DVDs are full of action, and music is needed to fuel the excitement. Get signed up at http: Available in various packages including streaming media as standard for any music files.

About Bandit

Bandit is not for the wannabe who expects a lucky break to make it all happen for them! The website is purposely simple.

Bandit have changed the way they present their newsletter sample from email to. An important feature of your policy is that any names and e-mail addresses forwarded to Bandit are not disclosed to any third party and only used for keeping you informed of Bandit opportunities.

BIG thank you to everyone at Bandit. Please submit audio links such as Soundcloud to They are a London based company comprising 3x core businesses: This booking agency are based in Daventry, Northamptonshire, UK but have been booking gigs all over the world since Preview Current Issue Bandit Newsletter.

About Bandit | Bandit Newsletter

We understand the needs and budgets of the musician fraternity so streaming media, as standard and modest fees are the basis of the deal. Keith’s use of Bandit, along with the efforts of Retrotetheque, his management team, has made all this possible. Join their email list to receive requests here…. A great deal of information is available to browse at the site. These releases are then licensed under the creative neweletter attribution – share-alike license which permits others to freely use the work pro- viding that it is released under the same license.