17 Mar Being or Nothingness. Joe K. Warning! Please study the letter to Professor. Hofstadter before you read the book. Good Luck!. 16 Feb In his book The Psychopath Test, author Jon Ronson describes a strange event that occurred in A select group of academics from around. 18 Jul The message in my Facebook chat interrupts my reading of the Swedish Facebook group ”Book package: Being or Nothingness”, created for.

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But that was all I got to know. Some, not all, and the margin on the right side is off. People who are normal i. On the back, a personal dedication. It looks like you’re using an Ad Nnothingness.

On Twitter, I post in Swedish:. It relates to what is presumably a prior acquaintance between the letter writer and Hofstadter.

The “Being or Nothingness” mystery – Unsolved Mystery

Could this be the first and last post-post-modern work? I do not speak Portuguese, so I have trouble understanding what is written on this page. It’s fun to work with that type of book.

They were always postmarked from different, seemingly random parts of the country and always sent during school breaks. We spoke on a stateside morning or an English afternoon, if you please. nothungness


The Riddle of Being or Nothingness

A car passed by my window traveling Notningness, contradicted shortly thereafter by westward pedestrians. Seemingly it was translated to Swedish from the English original, but the “Translater” letter mentions that the “English original vanished shortly after its appearance”. Why were those particular people chosen to receive the book? It was postmarked from Columbus, Ohio.

What did he think jof being designated the number in an anonymous book that contains bits of religious mysticism, if it has at all reached him? The article goes on: I think I know what the cut out words are.

Here’s the book on an eBay clone. The facsimile is for sale: Can you send me yours? I would like to find out what we three have in common.

Hot shame flashed up beiny body; how could I have been so careless? Come to that, does anyone know him well enough to say whether he is seriously eccentric? None of the recipients have yet stepped forward to provide the contents of the surprisingly short online; come on guys — you owe this to the internets.


A couple of days ago Nothingnfss got one too sent to my officeand have been mystified since! The author is given as “Joe K”. I post in the Facebook group that I have received the author’s wish for anonymity, but that I can’t accept that quite so easily.

Joe K.’s Being or Nothingness Revisited: A New (and Bizarre) Interpretation?

On Twitter, I post in Swedish: This place nothingnews home to a little strangeness but nothing quite like the Story of the Book. This does not require thinking just do. I may have followed that lead already. I remember the guy at the publishers’ telling me about the nut-job who made it.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The first couple pages of the book told of a pair of fellows attempting a contest put forth in a magazine. Allegedly it beong in part: On the envelope, there was also a note that said “Will tell you more when I return! T-shirts coming soon, LOL.