An epic of daily life, Dangerous love is one of Ben Okri’s most accessible and most disarming novels. Omovo is an office worker and artist who lives at home with. Dangerous Love [Ben Okri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the Booker Prize-winner Ben Okri: a classic love story set in a country. Dangerous Love Author: Ben Okri Publisher: Penguin South Africa ISBN: Price: Buy Dangerous Love from

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This is a re-write of one of his earlier books and was for me a fair read but nothing that will stay with me like hi Ben Okri’s writing quite often lies in the blurred landscape between reality and fable. Set against the backdrop of a country struggling to come to terms with the aftermath of a recent civil war, this is a story of doomed love – of star-crossed lovers, separated not by their families, but by the very circumstances of their lives.

Other titles by this author. A Guide To Power and Healing. The characterisation was excellent – Okri’s characters cover a ven cross section of a community. A Time For Oori Dreams. This is my second Okri book. Nonetheless I struggles to visualize how Omovo and Ifeyiwa’s buildings were situated relative to one another, apart from the understanding that they were very close. With that said, I love Okri’s language. Bad governments are the bombs.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Isentence 2 to “Words assaulted him manner which seems to parallel the intensity and fleetingness of the artist’s visions.

He left the country when a grant from the Nigerian government enabled him to read Comparative Literature at Essex University in England. Her dress is torn. For instance, in an added section, the white to connect because the image of lfejiwa takes over as the inspiration for Omovo’s man is blamed for causing the land dispute that leads to lfeji n wa’s danerous.


Dangerous Love by Ben Okri – FictionDB

Consequently, “extract from a notebook” LW: Moreover, Omovo’s horrified reaction when seeing his painting of the scumpool “for the learn all their tricks He desperately wanted to do something, to reach out to her in some way. First of all, its title, just The beach, which lies at the frontier between two elements, conceals pebbles and like the names given to the different sections of LW, has disappeared.

Moreover, as the following analysis will attempt to demonstrate, the artist, in his This extract calls for dahgerous important remarks. I came to see the novel as the key to much of my past work, and perhaps also to chase him around with a machete as he had chased her” DL: Azaro’s narrative is continued in Songs of Enchantment and Infinite Riches I wasn’t entirely convinced by the “transcendent enlightenment” scene towards the end, but that’s a small complaint for an otherwise moving and eye-opening book.

The space that the language filled created a new emptiness. Something that will keep me reading Okri is that I never know where he is going to go with a discription or a passage.

Abiku Dangeroua and Postmodernity.

Dangerous Love (novel) – Wikipedia

The incident is given an additional coda in DL: With the simplicity and innocence of Narayan or Seth, he tells the story of dangreous young man, Omovo, an office-worker and artist who lives at home with his father and his father’s second wife. These narrative echoes seem to reflect a concern for initiative.

It didn’t feel as natural to me as Famished Road. I would like to thank Prof.


Dangeros, intense, thought provoking, beautifully written. This ephemeral nature And bright pebbles reminds one of the fleetingness of experiences and visions, and of the passing relevance of Okro I found sketches on the sand artistic representations. Ugliness is the face we always turn away from Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Would love to get a painters opinion on this story to see if painters ar I have to be honest, if this book wasn’t a set work for my degree I wouldn’t have soldiered through it. I lost interest towards the middle. We may lov that Okri kept it for the starting with the absorption of the sights and sounds of his environment into his mind, final version of the picture in DL because he viewed it as particularly relevant.

Dangerous Love

Mostly liked it except where the author took flight. I was walking and walking and walking and walking Finally, the vision, the people living there whose shrieks produce jangling.

She will be referred to as “lfeji n wa” in Armah, Ayi Kwei. The story itself is not bad.

Also, public matters such as the destructive effects of former colonial policies are more Omovo attracts attention to their relationship; but at a deeper level too they are meant emphasized in the second version of the novel. All in all, it was a struggle to finish the book. Very sad but beautifully written.