To acquire all required knowledge to be successful with this product, BMC recommends a specific list of Learning Path for BladeLogic Server Automation 8.x. Based on a unique architecture that integrates configuration automation and compliance assurance, BMC BladeLogic Server Automation enables IT. We review BMC BladeLogic Server Automation, a server configuration tool that also offers patch management for Microsoft, Linux, and other OSes.

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For common tasks and some not so common the functionality is already baked into the product. Visualize, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities. Generated reports need to blxdelogic so that less-technical manager can also understand it very well. It does take quite a bit of work up front to get the various jobs working like we want, so you can’t install it and expect to be automating everything the next day, but if you take the time to implement it properly and plan out your automation strategically you have a really powerful tool at your disposal.

See how our customers realize dramatic productivity gains.

The way it handles job schedules and the fact that there is no “maintenance mode” can make it difficult to take the system offline without causing a disruption to jobs. The installation looks fairly straightforward, but I would recommend use of BMC’s professional services here to get it done completely, assist with performance tuning, as well as providing guidance on security, layout, and even implementation of initial use cases for some real time knowledge transfer to local staff.


NSH below is the best feature of whole product to automate things. We also use BSA for software distribution, audits, server provisioning, and so much more because what’s not out of the box it extendible by various methods. Helps us a lot at daily operations. Bladelogic Server Automation is one of the finest product in the current market, which has many functionalities and it has done wonders at customer environment where ever it has been implemented based on requirements of the customer.

BMC BladeLogic Server Automation | RightStar

A good but not perfect solution. Some combine the two: Overall we use BladeLogic to automate numerous tasks and save our company quite a bit of time and money. Automate the patching process including patch acquisition, analysis, deployment, scheduling, installation, and change tracking. Once completed, all agents will need to be upgraded as well. SAAS model would be a welcome approach.

This can be used to copy patch bundles to the required servers before maintenance windows open and deployment starts. But as you sell it as a configuration manager, it should have a capability of smooth software distribution on K devices at a time.

View full list of Server Management Software. Enterprise customers Managed Service Providers.

BMC BladeLogic Server Automation: Patch Management Overview and Analysis

Target markets include larger enterprise customers with complex needs around patching and security. Its many software offerings include Digital Enterprise Management solutions intended to make digital business fast, seamless, and optimized from mainframe to mobile to cloud and beyond.

BMC has add-on SaaS services that enable vulnerability management and remediation. Importent review according to our daily use of Baldelogic.

  ABNT 7503 PDF

As patch jobs are created, change record creation is generated automatically. We have had a few issues – but BMC Support quickly responds and resolves the issues! Documentation could be better. You need them set up quickly, repeatedly and risk-free.

Reduce the attack surface quickly by managing change, configuration, automatioh patching activities to close vulnerabilities.

BladeLogic Server Automation

Please remember this atuomation. TrueSight Server Automation Secure, compliant, and automated server lifecycle management. BMC software runs in 82 percent of the Fortune and serves more than 10, customers worldwide.

But Bladelogic is stumbling here. Patch physical, virtual, and cloud servers. Manage them with automated, policy-based solutions that keep your critical business services running smoothly all the time. Supported by a robust security model, it enables organizations to dramatically reduce operational costs, improve operational quality, and achieve operational compliance.

BMC BladeLogic Server Automation: Patch Management Overview and Analysis

Configuration By shielding users from underlying complexity, BMC BladeLogic Server Automation enables consistency in change and configuration management activities. Main Menu Featured Products. Its has a bladellgic on a number of devices which can be onboard per application installation. Getting started with TrueSight Server Automation is easy.

Incredibly powerful and flexible. BMC was founded in You definitely has to fix it, sir.