Mar 31, CBSE-CCEDATA software shall enable the Schools affiliated with the . Printing of Final Report from CBSE Server for each Academic Session i.e.: .. XLS (where indicates your school code) and file type as „Excel. to create and edit personal and business documents such as letters, reports etc. What is the default file extension of MS Word //? 8) Status Bar – It can be used to view the total number of items in a location, or the number of. Learn Concept of Form and Report with basic example. 9. Create a sec, rollno, status, photo and value of “status” field must be senior. e. Prepare a form of.

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Complete the project work and solve 5 years board papers of Ionic Equilibria and chemical kinetics. English Capital and small cursive alphabets learn and write phonetic treasures reader page no.

CBSE CCE report card sample & format

We can customized our software as per your requirement of examination scheme. Kerry Gilmore 7 months ago Views: Holiday’s Home work three-in-one filrtype book.

I Arabic I B. Revise the chapter taught. Complete Maths SW for various chapters given. Stick 5 pictures of the animals whom they worshipped. My Canvas 1 English 2. For class Nursery to cbsw we will customized scheme as per your requirement.


Trouble erupts suddenly in the stadium and you witness a riot among the crowd. Make five sentences each with: We wish that you enjoy your long break with parents, family. Online and offline working: Revise all the chapters taken in the class and the assignment of much Ado About Nothing.

Make the chart on the topic given. Umang fletype Hindi Vyakaran More information. In the interests of enhancing the value of progrses information contained More information.

It is a java based desktop software.

Book Name Publishers 1 New! According to this new model, we created the examination structure in our Report Card software. Cursive a to z Small 3.

Holiday Home Work Class VI A +B – PDF

Colours name English Writing 1. Do the chapter test of the Series and sequence, prepare Quadratic equation. Write detailed information of the given monument.

In our software, with one click class wise all types of necessary result and reporh generated. Revise all the chapters completed in the class along with written work. CDS Eligibility criteria,exam pattern,syllabus,selection process in details CDS Eligibility criteria,exam pattern,syllabus,selection process in fletype CDS eligibility Criteria combined defense services: The religion curriculum is integrated More information.


Software linked with online student wallet, an android app platform from where parents can check graphical performance, attendance, home work, school notices, soft copy of report cards related to their ward.

From class 6 to 8 examination from Academic Year cbae onwards would be conducted as per the remodeled assessment structure explained in Circular no: It is very user friendly. Read L Classification of plant.

Justify it with the help of the story God lives in the Panch. Make the project on the given topics.

Holiday Home Work Class VI A +B

Prepare maths Project discussed in the class. Cursive A to Z Capital 2. Find the meanings of difficult ciletype and make sentences of those words. Mark fill in the blanks of L-1 in the book only.

Dear Children We are sure prigress all of you must have made plans to enjoy your vacations like visiting your grandparents, relatives, friends, More information.