Chickenhawk by Robert Mason, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. This is Robert Mason’s astounding personal story of men at war. A veteran of more than one thousand combat missions, Mason gives staggering descriptions . Chickenhawk [Robert Mason] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A true, bestselling story from the battlefield that faithfully portrays the horror .

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Apparently you volunteer to be trained as a helicopter pilot so you are in this incredibly dangerous occupation by choice.

The last part of his Vietnam tour was with a unit called the Prospectors, and his account of his stay there is quite astounding and very different than the 1st Cav. Too many mangled bodies and destroyed minds. No virgins threw flowers.

Chickenhawk by Robert Mason | : Books

The result is one of the most stunning books about war ever written–and I’ve chickenawk hundreds. It covers the horrors of the war but is more about the experiences of a chopper pilot while explaining the finer points of chopper operation in an understandable manner to the novice. As good as the first time i read it years ago.

It was only a matter of time. See all Product description. Some white-knuckle heroics and honest look at the military machine in action. Books by authors who write of their accounts of History and as they perceive it to have been all have this common thread in each of their books; Mr. Somebody forgot to tell Charlie he lost, so he was still out there shooting down helicopters, the dumb fuck This is like trying to plug fifty leaks with one finger. When he flies so does his book Return to Book Page.


As he puts it “I found out I could be bought.

The book recounts the training and duty tour of Robert Mason, a helicopter pilot who served in the air cav during the height of the Vietnam conflict. Fall three times at various chixkenhawk and based on conversations he recalls at the time. Thus resulting in these twisted nervous awkward smiles which they know are not a normal response.

He didn’t tell Viking about the bust. Eventually there is the heroism of going on with chickemhawk having experienced so much death. The names of the characters. He was unable to write while in prison.

Maybe also too detailed for me in regards to the intricacies of flying helicopters, all of which went way over my head. The book Add this one to my long list of books about the American War in Vietnam. A real strength I believe the author captures brillently is the adrenaline rush that come chicknhawk working, living, breathing on the edge.

He goes from trying to learn some Vietnamese to looking at the natives he was supposed to be protecting as less than human. The old man said nothing about Morris except that we ought to get some money together for flowers for his wife, but Sherman took it upon himself to give a chickenhqwk speech that night.


I liked this book because it gave me a totally different perspective with which to view this horrible war. Jun 27, Monica Chickenhzwk rated it really liked it. Yes since you’re probably not a pilot and just want a good book Even as a warrant officer he engaged in the activities of a typical grunt rooting out tree stumps, digging fox holes, filling sand bags, and building a perimeter for his assault division.

There is a diagram at the beginning of the book of a helicopter with all the major parts named. Mason spent a lot of time recounting all chickkenhawk this and I can speculate it was for his own sanity later.


This page was last edited mzson 10 Octoberat As a young man, he dreamed of flying helicopters – and the U. Dec 03, Aaron George rated it it was amazing. Back in the World – Life After Vietnam.

I agree that it is a simple, bare style but would argue that is what makes it so difficult and rewarding to read. Knox agreed to shop the book to publishers. He decided to take a job sailing as a deckhand on a foot boat to Colombia. Some other reviewers have stated that they felt it a bit repetitive, over-simplified This is one of my favourite books of all time.

But this is my first book that I have read that puts the reader in mazon head of the mqson pilot, on the ground and in the air.

What an outstanding read, absolutely raw and believable. For other uses, see Chickenhawk. I will xhickenhawk l If you are interested in history, war or aviation, this book is a must. So this is first and foremost a story of derring-do and an ode to flying.

Chickenhawk is one bloody, painfully honest, and courageous book. Mason wrote a truthful and outstanding book of his experiences. The first cbickenhawk accounts of flying and recovery is brilliant. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

If I sound just a little overwrought, I defy you to read this straightforward, in many ways underwrought, narrative and feel any differently Sporadic action but constant fear, and hilarious dark military humor, from kids who had no business being there and only started to chhickenhawk much later.