City of Djinns has ratings and reviews. Warwick said: Delhi is lucky to have William Dalrymple as a chronicler – not many cities get such exemp. Sparkling with irrepressible wit, City of Djinns peels back the layers of Delhi’s centuries-old history, revealing an extraordinary array of characters. May 27, Author: William Dalrymple Pages: Published in the year: Publishers: Penguin Genre: Non-fiction/ Memoir For Dalrymple, who has.

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Dalrymple also reflects deeply on the New Delhi of the architect Lutyens.

At other times, he prefers letting his ironic narration do the talking. The book starts with a lot of promise but takes a meandering tone halfway through the narration. He has done this much better in his wliliam recent books.

I have been lucky enough to have grown up in that culture, between my family and another family that practiced Hinduism. Djinna pass through a great arch and find yourself in a rubble-filled car-park where once irrigation runnels bubbled.

Different millennia co-existed side by side. Sign up here to receive your FREE wililam. Subjects studied included Muslim jurisprudence and Quranic studies, and probably astronomy and medicine too. But of course the unbiased descriptions of incidents and actual research had made this book very addictive and once you start then you also feel the same way as author feels.

Whenever he finds out a little about anythingwe also start filling curious about it and First time I find out that reading history can be so interesting. Thus, he discovers that: The Punjabi immigrants were a touchstone to the present day; with their nippy Maruti cars and fascination with all things new, they formed a lifeline to the s.

I feel like better transitions to the times he jumps into the past and more exciting detail like he did at the end of the book would make it more pleasurable to read. Major Uncle wrote letters to my parents in Urdu when we lived away, dalrympple Kavita aunty spent a lot of dalgymple trying to ensure I did not fail in my Hindi exams.


Lists with This Book. A very very ciity and interesting read. He even interviews two British ladies in Shimla who stayed back when the British left India. City of Djinns 1 6 Feb 04, William Dalrymple was born in Scotland and brought up on the shores of the Firth of Forth.

Perhaps Dalrymple’s youth at the time he cihy this book he was barely 25 and his own Bri I wish there had been more Delhi and less history.

City of Djinns – Wikipedia

While meandering around the streets of Delhi, Xity meets some interesting multitude like the eunuchs, the masters of the pigeon fights, the leftover Britishers and their families, now called Anglo Indians, the survivors of partition like his landlady and the driver.

The doorbell to their apartment played both ‘Land of Hope and Glory, and the Indian national anthem.

I have never been much of a history buff, it was a chore to get through in school cigy we don’t allow a more storytelling-based approach towards teaching it. Laksh Verma Delhi came to prominence in history since the 12th century when the last important hindu dynasty of chauhans had built their first fort in delhi-quila …more Delhi came to prominence in history since the 12th century when the last important hindu dynasty of chauhans had built their first fort in delhi-quila rai pithora.

Dalrumple guru is like a mother to the new members, and teachers them the ways of the jijras. The first was when I was 15, and even then, I found it to be an interesting book. In the end one is left with the same paradox confronted by lovers of Wagner: What a spectacular book! Delhi is lucky to have William Dalrymple as a chronicler — not many cities get such exemplary treatment as this. WD talks of the mammoth structures the city hosts, their comparison to facades in the west, their historical bearing and the neglected state that they are in today.


Back to the book again. They cannot practice outside their parish. At the still wet-behind-the-ears age of twenty-five, Dalrymple and his wife went to live in Delhi, and this amazing book is the result of his first cuty in the city. He describes the lives of the people in times of Shah Jahan and in times of early British rule.

Sep 26, Kislay Verma rated it really liked it. To a reader, a travel enthusiast and a history buff, I highly recommend City of Djinns for the delightful book that it is, and to a Delhi-walla, for getting to know his Dilli better. Its broad avenues encompassed a groaning necropolis, a graveyard of dynasties. I djinnss I even preferred it to Peter Ackroyd’s London: Only the odd arcade of pillars or a half-buried fragment of finely-carved late Mughal ornament indicates what once existed here.

Not a bad decision. Thrown out of their homes, rejected by their families, they come together for protection. It was of particular interest to me as I lived in Delhi for five years in the mid- s.

City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi

The Whites who came either as part of the East India Company or as scholars, were reverential to the Mughals. I was one of those migrants. Of Mughal Emperors, Samosas, and Chai. But things could be taken to excess.

In particular his long, delicate attempts to get first-hand interviews and experience with Delhi’s hijra community — representing a kind of fusion of transgender identity with India’s eunuch tradition — are amazing, and result in some remarkable testimony from within a very closed and secretive subculture.

Besides uncovering grand, epic stories around the city, the book is willliam with delightful daily-life anecdotes that Dalrymple narrates with a mix of bemused exasperation and empathy.