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This section looks at the various ways providing coadf degrees ofaccuracy in which sample piping configurations might he modeled. For Service Level C Emergency: This discharge initiates ajetforce, which must be resisted by the piping system.

This model can only be usedifthe effects examined are limited totwo adjacent support points and the straightrunofpipebetweenthose support points. Expansion joints may vary in terms of the number and type of convolutions, the noets, the number of plies, all ofwhich effect the pressure capacity, the stiffness, and the allowable movement.

Expansion joints resemble bellows and provide very flexible pipe legs within very short leg lengths. I neglects all forces, while in the default interpretation, B Center of Bending D B Figure The computer algorithm assumes that points A and B of Figure always lie on the seminaf cross-sectional plane, whether in the deformed or the undeformed state.

This simplified check can be illustrated by applying it to the system shown in Figure Ifthe plant site is greater than miles from either the east or the gulfcoasts, then a value of miles should be used no credit may he taken for any plant site greater than miles from any ofthese hurricane prone areas.


Note the differences between these two codes: As to which one you should use is an engineering decision you must make. The theoretical cold load is the load to which the spring should be preset prior to installation usually this is done at the factory, and the springis pinned tokeepitat this value.

Failure may occur with a single application ofthe smeinar. AlI elements remain stable under load local buckling of cross-sections is ignored: If the thermal travel is zero, or very small, seminaf it is hypothesized that a rigid support can he used in place of the spring. Note that a second exception occurs when the Bourdon effects of pressure are considered.

In order to save even the brief time required to calculate LaU, the Manufacturer Standardization Society of the Valve and Fitting Industry has calculated allowable piping spans for various piping configurations, and published them in their standard MSS SP Figure One exception to this is when the pipe is not continuous from anchor to anchor, such that tension is not present in the pipe wall at aIl locations of the system. There sfminar a difference in terms of how the two models are entered.


The hanger hardware clamps, rods, etc. For materials with an ultimate strength equal to or greater thanpsi, such as high strength bolting, weminar stress can have a considerable effect on fatigue strength and should he considered when performing a fatigue analysis. Ovalization of this type for straight pipes is not considered. This is the load which the spring will exert on the piping system in the cold condition, as long as there is no vertical displacement ofthe system at this location.

I will Probably get flamed for this, but here goes.

Therefore, what you do with one, you must do with the other. However, interpretation specifically states that the application of sifs with respect to the sustained loads are not required. Therefore, even if a system has been running successfully for many years, it is no evidence that the system has been properly designed for secondary loads. However, the effects of the rigid elements on the piping system can he simulated by providing an element ofhigh relative stiffness in the model it is always more important to adequately model relative stiffnesses than absolute stiffnesses when constructing a model.

COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes

Unless the user is willing coadd put a spring at the stanchion location, the differential thermal growth in this small area might result in large nozzle loads. For example, a l2x8 standard wall reducer may be modeled as a inch standard wall pipe Capproximately the average of the inlet and outlet pipesor as two segments, with outer diameters and wall thicknesses interpolated hetween the two.

Design data typically required in order to do jotes stress analysis consists of pipe materials and sizes; operating parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and fluid contents; code stress allowables; and loading parameters, such as insulation weight, external equipment movements, and wind and earthquake criteria.

Free AnchorslRestraints – Often a major objective ofhanger design is the minimization of equipment nozzle loads due to weight. Additionally, the subtraction of Sl-S3 does not produce a simple expression for the stress intensity.


How accurate coadr this simplified expansion stress check?

Sifs, interpretations,Coade seminar notes and confussion – Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis

The methods ofresisting these two types ofloads are similar, with the main difference beingfound in the use of a higher allowable stress for occasionalloads as seen in Section 1.

Including hoop and radial stresses present in sustained loadings only in the stress intensity calculation makes the COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes calculation much more difficult. For Long Radius Bend Therefore, if a noted support can be chosen instead of a foade at a location, the engineer will usually want this to occur. Any questions regarding load capacity should probably be directed to the fitting manufacturer Most Accurate: Note that pressure design of piping components must be done according to the requirements seminaf the user’s specifie code, not to the rules described here!

John ntes correct that the B A few of these foIlow: This typically translates into the distance from the coave coast or the Gulf of Mexico in the Continental U.

Node is System response and failure criteria are dependent on the type of loadings, which can be classified by various distinctions, such as primary vs. Points of interest on the stress isometric are identified by node points. These assumptions, described on the followingpages, govern the relationship between the mathematical model in the computer and the actual pipe existing in the power plant or refrnery.

Sustained loads are classified as those caused by mechanical forces which are present throughout the normal operation of the piping system. Therefore the se loads: The stress isometric Figure is a sketch, drawn in an isometric coordinate system, which gives the viewer a rough 3-D idea of cosde piping system. Or more simply, the “theoretical” cold load is the cold load to be specified in the factory order of the spring, while the “actual” cold load is an approximation ofthe reading ofthe spring smeinar after pulling the pins upon initial installation.