The Conditions of “La ilaha illa Allah”. For a convert, the first step to enter Islam is to say ” an la ilaha illa Allah, wa anna Mohammadan. Birmingham Mini Conference Abu Abdillaah Hasan translates the work of Shaykh Ul-Islaam Muhammad ibn Abdil Wahhaab, wherein he was asked. ‘Abd al-Mushin al-Badr mentions that our Righteous Ancestors (al-Salaf al-Salih) used to highlight the critical importance of the conditions of La ilaha ill Allah.

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So if the slave of Allaah follows what Allaah commands and keeps away from what Allaah prohibits, even if that opposes his desire, then he is a true believer. Yet can you imagine that there is a Muslim country in the world that until recently used to have a yearly weeklong celebration to “the Gods of the Sea”!

Ilahs conditions are what will differentiate the person ls will benefit from his making of that statement from the one who will not benefit from that statement, no matter how many times a day he may have made that statement.

Although not all of these forms may necessarily be considered apostasy, they are still very dangerous. There was some land lilallah was arid but it held the water and Allaah made the people benefit by it, so they drank from it, used the water and used it for agriculture. This is something that we should all think about, especially those of us who grew up in Muslim families and were born Muslim.

Conditions of La Ilaha Illa Allah | Salafi Knowledge

So anyone who fulfils all these condituons, has gained the light with which he worships Allah azawajal and he has ultimately followed the right and straight path.

Actually, Allaah has clearly made it a condition of faith that one submits to the command of Allaah and His messenger. So, if the condition is removed then the reward is also then removed. The meaning of which is, that he submits his face to Allaah i.

You can even hear one Muslim saying about another, “That is the best Muslim I have ever met,” yet the other person performs scarcely any of the deeds of Islam whatsoever. And with our actions, we must implement what the testimony of faith requires from us. That is because they do not associate anyone else with Him in their love for Him, unlike those from the Mushrikeen who claimed they loved Him but then also took partners with Allaah whom they loved just as they loved Him.

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Allah the Exalted said: For those scholars who say that the abandonment of prayers is infidelity, it is the five daily prayers.

This is since Eemaan cannot do without certain knowledge Ilm al-Yaqeenas opposed to suspicious knowledge Ilm al-Thannand what would be the case if doubt entered Eemaan? Do you think that this kind of shahadah will open the doors to Paradise for them?

The Conditions of “La ilaha illa Allah”

Also in the meaning of Al-ikhlaas is that the person should not pronounce their Islam with the willingness to please anyone or anything other than Allah The Most High. It is not simply for the sake of teaching these conditions, indeed there is ilahz benefit to that.

That is, one must have the basic and general knowledge of what is meant by the shahaadah.

And what is the minimum of submission that is required from a person beyond whom there can be no claim to faith? One of the signs that we are Muslims for the sake of Allaah cojditions that we do whatever Allaah asks of us, regardless of what anybody else desires or wants from us.

Therefore, I am mentioning it explicitly here. Do you really think that their shahadah will mean anything on the Day of Judgement as long as they believe that acts of worship may be done for other than Allah? God in Arabic means Allah; it is the name of God, as Arabs say. Conditoons Prophet peace and blessings be upon him also said: The conditions of Tawheed are of great importance, it is compulsory on every Muslim to know and implement them in their daily lives.

If you come with the key that has the right ridges, the door will open for you. The keys, Wahb b. They do not believe in if but they are simply saying it in order to protect themselves or to get some gain from doing so; these are the hypocrites.

Love as opposed to hatred, and acceptance as opposed to rejection, because one can understand its meaning but rejects it- as was the case with the Pagan Mushrikeen Arabs. That to testify that there is no ilah but Allah requires that the witness should know fully the meaning of it. These seven conditions, he emphasises, must be fulfilled for it to benefit the one who utters it, in this life and the next.


Iman does not benefit anyone except one who has knowledge -based certainty and not assumptions. However, sometimes one begins to wonder whether this condition is met by some people. In any case, the condiions is not a true shahadah without its unconditional acceptance. So what is the case if he desires nothingother than this?

Allah says in the Qur’an:. Although it is not the same as the complete refusal to accept the truth, by rejecting part of the truth that has come from Allaah, one also negates his testimony of faith. Most Recent Poems Palestinian Boy.

Convitions think to deceive Allaah and those who believe while they only deceive themselves and perceive it not! This is nothing but an invention! Am I denying all other false objects of worship? But you were transgressing people disobedient, polytheists, and disbelievers.

In this way, Allaah willing, we will be making the correct shahaadah. If a person makes the shahaadah but does not love the shahaadah and what it stands for, then, in fact, his faith is not complete. And another portion of it was hard and held the rain-water and Allah benefited the people with it and they utilised it for drinking, making their animals drink from it and to irrigate the land for cultivation.

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Conditions of La ilaha illa Allah –

We should make it very clear to ourselves that we are Muslims only for the sake of Allaah. But, as I said, this feeling is missing from many, many Muslims today. For example, Allah says:. The greatest cure for these doubts is seeking knowledge. We are not Muslims for the sake of our parents, friends, family or community.

Although it is not the same as the complete refusal to accept the truth, by rejecting part of the truth that has come from Allah, one also negates his testimony of faith. Munabbih said to the one who condituons him: Hence, every Muslim should do best to safeguard himself from such doubts and remain away illallh the sources of doubts – especially if they are not well grounded in the Islamic sciences and do not have the knowledge to refute illallqh doubts and misconceptions.