d’Équations Différentielles Stochastiques (EDS) ainsi que pour l’estimation de leurs paramètres. Cet aspect n’est pas abordé au cours de cette thèse. Le support de cours est le polycopié “Analyse réelle et complexe” de F. Golse, Systèmes Dynamiques, équations différentielles et Géométrie différentielle. Brioschi, F. Les invariants des équations différentielles linéaires. J.-A. Serret, Cours de calcul différentiel et intégral, Tome II (Paris: Gauthier-Villars, ).

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Popup calculator formsyou can search calculating forms or insert them into your own web pages. OEF subspace definitioncollection of exercices on the definition of subspace of vector spaces.

Électricité/Les circuits RL, RC, LC et RLC — Wikilivres

OEF rectanglescollection of exercises on rectangles. Doc Linkwordsdocument on linkwords. Quadratic choicerecognize the graph of a quadratic polynomial. Graphical convergencedetermine the limit of a recursive sequence according to the graph of the function.


Polynomial ordercomputes the order of an irreducible polynomial over a finite field F p. Coincidence sequencefind a sequence from partial informations and via successive tests.

Brioschi : Les invariants des équations différentielles linéaires

Deductio simple inequalitiesexercises of interactive deduction on inequalities, simple formulas. Arithmetic tablesarithmetic training exercise-game with highly variable levels.

Inequality zonedetermine an inequality for variables in a given zone. Graphic inequalities 2Drecognize a plane region described by inequalities.

Quizz integrationelementary questions on integration. Animated drawingplot zooming, deforming and rotating curves and surfaces. OEF cartesian line 2Dcollection of exercises on plane lines and their equations.

OEF combinatoricscollection of numerical exercises on combinatorics. OEF boundscollection of exercises corus bounds and boundedness of sets of real numbers.

Linsys findestablish a linear system according to a word problem. Huffmanfind an optimal encoding in variable length codes. Epsilonon the definition of continuity: Correcodedecode a message containing errors by an error correcting code. OEF polynomialcollection of exercises on polynomials of one variable real or complex coefficients. Decompdecompose a composed function. Primpolysearch for primitive polynomials over a finite field. Graphic inverserecognize the graph of an inverse function.


Parmsysanalyse a linear system with parameters, using Gauss elimination. Coincidence-Devgraphically find the Taylor expansion of a function. Simu-bubblemanually simulate a bubble sort.

HMPH104 Modélisation et simulation en physique

Vision 4Dplots hypersurfaces etc. Parametric composerecognize a parametric curve by the graphs of its coordinate functions. Base converterconverts a number between different numbering systems, arbitrary precision.

Ray 3Dgenerates raytraced smooth 3D surfaces from parametric equations. OEF vectors 2Dcollection of exercises on 2D vectors.

Roottestfind the root of a function by successive tests. Basis changewrite a vector under another basis. Rotation shootclick on the center of a rotation 2D. Graphic multiplicationrecognize the graph of fg from that of f and g, etc.

Bar gamesimple step game, play against the server.