DA PAM 600-67 PDF

This pamphlet provides staff writing standards and guidelines to Army leaders, and outlines two editing tools and one organizational technique. Effective Staff Writing (15 Jan ); TRADOC PAM ,. Effective Staff Writing Exercise Booklet (15 Jan ); DA PAM. , Effective Writing for Army. Find the most up-to-date version of DA PAM at Engineering

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It was the first place I have ever been punched in the balls for saying that Jesus had ds, although I suppose I had taken a moment too long to mention that it was necessary for a resurrection to take place. And a hero to boot! Joint Tactical Radio System there is only one pa by this name and therefore it is capitalized. There are a few exceptions to the AP Stylebook guidance, and they are noted in separate entries: NCI is a leading provider of enterprise solutions and services to U.


Example of what not to write: Always spell out fort. See “months” entry, AP Stylebook.

Fort Huachuca, AZ Salary: When continuing a quotation from paragraph to paragraph, do not close the quote marks at the paragraph’s end until you reach the very end of the quotation. Similar jobs in the area. Names Refer to people on first reference by their full name: Opinion pieces should not contradict or criticize Army or command policy; hold the Army or any of its members up to ridicule; take sides in political issues; hold any race, religion or ethnic group up to ridicule; violate host-country sensitivities; or be written to air personal complaints.


When a modifier that would be hyphenated before a noun occurs instead after a form of the verb “to be,” retain the hyphen. Capitalize a word bill in this case if a numeral is used after it; the presence of the numeral makes the entire phrase a proper noun see “numerals” entry, AP Stylebook.

In a derivative of a compound, keep the solid or hyphenated form of the original compound, unless otherwise indicated for particular words. Comprise means to contain, to include all or embrace. Sign up Log in.

Exception for single-letter plurals: Do not abbreviate names of the days of the week unless used in a table.

This site uses cookies. Write short sentences — an average ds 15 or fewer words. Army Intelligence Doctrine for the current and future force If used for a specific edition Vol.

Highlights of Responsibilities Reviewing all submitted documents checking for adherence to the guidance documentation such as: Writing that is effective and efficient can be understood in a single rapid reading and is generally free of errors in grammar, mechanics and usage.


Monitoring routing, signature approval process and workflow of assigned documents to ensure pa, meets project schedule timelines.

Effective Writing for Army Leaders – SSI Learning Resource Center

Opinions should be well-supported with examples. Excellent 1st posting by this author. The style for compound modifiers in the “hyphen” entry of The AP Styleboo k ‘s punctuation section overrules this portion of Appendix B. Addresses Words such as avenue, street, boulevard, drive in dq address are abbreviated and use periods.

Numerical compounds The hyphenation is correctly used, but numbers one through nine should be spelled out and 21 should sa expressed as a numeral unless it starts a sentence. Use the lead appropriate to your article.

See the “quotation marks” entry in The AP Stylebook ‘s punctuation section. The second “essential requirement” in the Army’s writing standard and a major style factor is to daa concise sentences expressed in the active verb voice. Current Active Secret Security Clearance.

For example, rather than write “The PT test was passed by Jones” passivewrite “Jones passed the PT test” pak voice; the doer, Jones, is before the verb.