Cloud Charts Trading success with the Ichimoku technique David Linton Upata et ose ‘vend ‘on it tan we sao mea? Fae 4a a eas te mse Fetaioin eatin. David Linton was born and raised near Melbourne, Australia and studied engineering at . Preface. Cloud Charts – Trading success with the Ichimoku technique. Ichimoku Charting How to read the Clouds for Profitable Advantage David Linton CFTe MSTA Chief Executive Updata plc [email protected] Daily testing.

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It has lots of charts icihmoku example. Wherever I go, be it on trading floors or meeting investors at conferences I am always asked what I think of this or that. As I am running a UK pension, the tax incentives to put some salary payments in is high. Ichimomu compound this point, the book is just not a fun book to read.

Optimized stop-losses aim to trap abnormal retracements in stock prices but back-testing which percentage of trailing stop has worked best in historically. If you are happy with a lower target, scanning for less upside will produce more stocks to choose from.

If you want to actually try and do this yourself, my recommendation is that you start slowly and practice with a ghost portfolio first. Since the start of November, I am up 9.


Jd marked it as to-read Jun 03, Zooming in to the uptrend of the last 6 years, we see this data a little more clearly. The stronger dollar helped. I could not have outperformed the market this much without Updata.

These were the strong performers in the week. Good news happens in uptrends. Zeeshan marked it as to-read Jul 19, I demonstrate this in an online video tutorial on stock scanning – HERE.

But where my performance git hit this week was a dramatic recovery in Oil.

Cloud Charts: Trading Success With The Ichimoku Technique by David Beckett Linton

Updata’s private product TraderPro has most of the same features all that are needed for running this methodology and runs on more home based feed services such as: I did sell one US and one UK stock that were lagging. I will look at this further through seasonality studies in the coming weeks. Even with a three star rating, it’s not a bad book to have around in it’s current form, but waiting for the next edition would be advised.

This involves scanning for stocks with the most upside potential and using the Ichimoku clouds to confirm trends on long, medium and short term time horizons.

What I am going to do each week is share my methodology and my performance screenshots of my portfolio each week. I normally might have waited a day, but I wanted to end the week fully invested. Updata Analytics is Updata’s professional product which runs on services such as: I also did a quick check of the market for any short term sell off.


Weekly charts are long term, daily – medium term and 60 minute charts are for short term and market timing. My exposure to India and the US dollar will need looking at next week. Mostly I review my stocks once a week and end up having one that I am worried about and then keep a closer eye on that one and often end up selling it.

The first one is a UK stock which I will sell today as a result of the price hanging below my trailing stoploss for too many days now.

Only the one trade for the week. More experienced technical analysts may wish to skip this part. DL Chg on week: Markets had a mixed week.

Cloud Charts: Trading Success With The Ichimoku Technique

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The last few months have been very difficult for maintaining performance.

The short term will nearly always change quickly.