3 Dec Intel Iris Pro Graphics ; NVIDIA GeForce M (2GB DDR3) %; Intel HD Graphics ; Intel Iris Graphics %; NVIDIA Quadro. Dell Latitude E Business Laptop Core iU GHz, Windows 7 . ; Shipping Weight: pounds; Date First Available: December 31, . Specifications. Dell Latitude E Processor. Intel Core iU. Graphics adapter. Intel HD Graphics , Core: MHz.

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Dell Latitude E – External Reviews

The TrackPoint speecs in the keyboard. They provide enough power for office routine, and save energy and battery capacity at the same time.

This in fact boosts the average transfer rate, but the speeds are still remote from a genuine SSD. Touchpad The ThinkPad was first, and now many are copying it: As said, gaming with Dell’s Latitude E is quite possible.


That enables accurate and fast typing because the keys’ drop is neither too short nor too long. The design of the E is decidedly inconspicuous, with matte black plastic the order of the day all round.

Facebook defends the privacy of Portal as the smart devices start shipping. The most pleasant office day can be completely ruined when the laptop’s fan permanently whirs along loudly. Microsoft releases Windows 10 19H1 Build with fewer annoying notifications, additional emoji, improved high DPI settings 22 Comments. The right-hand side is home to the tray-loading optical drive, plus a combined headphone and microphone minijack, USB 3.

Of course, a LAN port is also installed, Dell makes good use of the chassis size when it comes to connectivity. However, the manufacturer does not use standard voltage CPUs, but energy-efficient models like the ones used in ultrabooks. An SSD cache also makes for a faster hard drive here. The screen has plenty of detail and reasonably bright color, whilst the matte anti-glare finish means that there is little problem with unwanted reflections in bright lighting.


The ProSupport costs almost exactly twice as much, but it includes a single point of contact and hour phone support. It is commendable that Dell now supplies many models with detailed disassembly instructions. So this is a capable and flexible low-power CPU. The plastic casing is appealing, but can warp significantly in some places.

Express cards and SD cards can be inserted in the laptop. So it won’t last you a whole work day, which is rather a drawback for what is otherwise a capable mainstream business all-rounder. However, this is not the case in the Latitude E Though noticed, it is not yet unpleasant.

However, the keyboard isn’t backlit, which is an unusual omission for a work-oriented laptop. So it won’t last you a whole work day, which is speecs a drawback for what is otherwise a capable mainstream business all-rounder.

The administrators will also be pleased about all standard security features and the many available services. It complements the input devices very well. This acts as a cache so that there is faster access to frequently used data, and the mechanical portion can spin down to conserve power occasionally.

So this system will be perfectly able to cope with everyday business activities, although it’s no software powerhouse. Our sample came with the 65WHr alternative, so the larger battery should deliver around 50 percent more time away from the power socket, which is much more respectable.

Thus, particularly Lenovo and its ThinkPads are popular: The result of 2.


The grayscales and spefs look much bluer than they should according to the reference color space. Accidental damage, theft protection, battery warranty: Dell makes good use of the chassis size when it comes to connectivity. The Wi-Fi module’s reception is good. The RAM is not user-upgradeable, either, and incredibly you can’t even specify a larger quantity at the time of purchase, which is a rather surprising drawback.

Besides that, a protected environment can be created via the Protected Workspace software, in which the browser can be opened and potentially malicious scripts and attackers cannot access the rest of the system. It is located under the wrist rest’s right area in Dell’s Latitude E System Storage sort by value. The new generation of Dell’s office workhorse, the Latitude E, is clad in a black, The ThinkPad was first, and now many are copying it: The system is based around a Specx Intel Core i5 U, which runs at a nominal 1.

There is also a zpecs USB 2. Even some private users might consider purchasing the Dell, seeing that personal data is well protected via the fingerprint scanner and TPM. That is very likely because the Texan manufacturer willingly listens to the feedback of specx customers and improves its laptops accordingly.

The Latitude E should therefore be a reliable companion in every working situation and beyond. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. It sports a good screen, plenty of storage, and all the ports and wireless connections you are likely to need. Docker launches Windows Server application migration program.