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DIN Ageing of automotive components in solar simulation units sequence according to automotive component testing standard DIN Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering Electrical engineering; basic environmental testing procedures; tests; guidance for solar radiation testing; identical with IEC , edition (status of.

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EN is the combined climatic and dynamic testing reference standard, but we can perform tests according to different automotive specifications and more. Internal temperature control system.

Klima- und Sonnensimulation – Labor Lehmacher | Schneider

QUV radiation test system is equipped with ISO calibration system CR radiometer High irradiance cyclic 7520 simulation testing on several materials: Test di nebbia salina ciclica e stazionaria salt spray — soak mode. Main basis standard test performed Sine Mechanical vibration according to EN standard. The main characteristics of the chambers are listed below:.


Accelerated weathering tester equipped with system humidity simulation, condensation system, water spray system, temperature and irradiance control.

Environmental testing

Absolute and relative measurements are obtain for the following colorimetric system:. Radiation test dn with XENON lamps test for dimension of samples up to cm2 Accelerated light stability testing on plastic specimen, paints, cosmetics, textiles, electronic components.

For example, we perform tests according to ENENEN for Railway environment, testing according to the big family of Environmental Parameters EN xxtesting according to Seismic type tests EN 75202 many other standards and specifications in the Automotive environment, etc. The system is equipped of “screen window” for the filtration of determined wavelengths. Color degradation and performance testing by Sphere Spectrophotometer on a wide range of materials, such 752220 paper, paint, plastics, and textiles.

In addition to the main basis standard test listed below, for versatility of the management software of the controller Dactron we are able to project test profiles according to particular requirementswithin the limits of system performance, also shows below.


System vibration main feature Sinusoidal force: The main characteristics of the chambers are listed below: Example of applicable Standard: This system re-circulates and re-purifies the spray water instead of letting of letting it go down the drain. IASELAB has 4 climatic test dkn and one oven for several test and for a large products, system and material tipologies. All systems are managed by electronic digital programmer and dedicated SW for the programming and monitoring of whichever climatic cycle.

Radiation test system right for equipment of medium dimensions too.