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I decided to listen to this one instead of reading it due to a great recommendation from a friend on here. The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Three Men in a Boat. Young solicitor Johnathan Harker finds himself travelling through the Hungarian countryside and into Romania, on his way to a castle in the heart of Transylvania. Oh, and how dare you keep Tom Waits locked up in a cage. A lovelorn Oldman, a sexually-repressed and reincarnated Ryder, absinth, slow-dancing in a castle with candles and string-music and shit, vampire nipple-sucking, orgasm-inducing illnesses, etc.

It started out with promise, especially the Jonathan Harker bits. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on Amazon. There is an obvious reason for this phenomenon You are almost forced to believe that this could not be fictional as there are several different journals that overlap, from different individuals but all burlimgton the same story.

Dracula can easily be read as a cautionary tale about the dangers of infection and epidemic, particularly of sexually transmitted diseases.

Dracula Questions and Answers

It is a habit formed by deep emotional connections and powerful memories. Most of the critics seem to recognize that Stoker was no great thinker–just an average, well-off, educated dtacula with some talent for flowing prose.

He does not have a philosophy or a voice, he is just a man trying to make it through a world which he cannot come to terms with. Using drwcula methods, including the hypnosis of Mina, they follow Dracula all the way to the Borgo Pass in Transylvania, where they find the last remaining box being transported to Castle Dracula by a group of gypsies.


Although from the viewpoint of the narrator, and the human beings in the story, Dracula is seen as evil, the main action that justifies that viewpoint is that he It becomes necessary to give Lucy numerous blood transfusions, and after each one she improves significantly, only to deteriorate quickly in the next couple of days.

Stoker has created a narrative in which geography, the role of location, is vitally important. This is the man who, just before proposing to Mina, states that there should be no secrets or hiding between spouses and gives her his journal so that she knows all. It is a really great and creepy story that deserves classic status 2. When Van Helsing arrives and begins some of his early queries, he is highly interested, though cannot be completely sure that he has a diagnosis of yet.

I am still kicking myself that I had not ever read this sensational piece of fiction before last year. Refresh and try again. I was surprised by the twists and turns.

Have no doubts this is a horror novel but not like those of modern day, the horror here is perceived as much as it is read, simply by the amazing words of Bram Stoker. Dracula is seen by Hawker in England, or was this man, the undead fiendactually the Count? The Count escapes Jonathan’s attempt to kill him, and he swiftly leaves the castle with fifty boxes of earth, bound for England.


View all 4 comments. It was very horrifying and gross to me. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I might burlinbton different characterizations for a modern vampire novel.

Everything combines to make this an excellent product. My life is hers, and I would give the last drop of blood in my body for her. To best understand the storyline of Draculait’s important to imagine yourself as an actual citizen of when the book was written, and then imagine one of your friends positing the following question: Additionally, I dislike how throwaway the love that Mina had for Jonathan is portrayed in the movies. I don’t mean outdated, but dated, day after day.


Many of his victims are women and the vampire bite tends to release a voluptuous female sexuality unloosed from patriarchal restraints. I read this for the first time in high school and then again right after I completed undergraduate school. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.

Here are some thoughts on this book. The men might be brave, but they are not afraid to break down and sob out their anguish. In it there is much symbolic and allegorical material to conjure up limitless theories and interpretations.

And it certainly will hold almost no surprises to the modern reader either, at least regarding the fact that Dracula is a vampire and what exactly a vampire is bookw major point of suspense to Stoker’s original bulington, in that Dracula isn’t revealed to be a vampire in the novel until halfway through. The atmosphere is absolutely spellbinding, the epistolatory narrative perfect to create a sense of tension and foreboding.

Dracula: Bram Stoker, Elizabeth Kostova: : Books

In Dracula, several people record their impressions. I thought I would be able to reasonably burlingtoh the whole plot – and I couldn’t. He never manages to meet them with the right tools to overcome them. It has always shamed me that I never read it but called myself a book lover and so I decided I would finally give it a try. If Stoker had just got to the point, this book would have been much more exciting and suspenseful. View all 54 comments.