Check out Dracula The Musical – The Studio Cast Recording by Frank Wildhorn & Jeremy Roberts on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and. Dracula, The Musical – Show synopsis – Shows D. the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker; Lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton; Music by Frank Wildhorn. Dracula Version List 2 / 2 8/02PreludelJonathan’s Amval /02 Into Castle Dracula Wildhorn’s score for short-lived Broadway show Dracula the Musical.

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Fully rejuvenated, Dracula flies into the air, while Harker escapes to Budapest. Meanwhile, Mina tells Van Helsing that Quincey is dead, and they enter the castle.

Dracula, The Musical

When Dracula asks why she is forcing him to wait Mina points out that he murdered Lucy. Broadway production photography by Joan Marcus. Jonathan begins to succumb, but the crucifix around his neck repels them. On the train to Budapest, Mina feels doubt about her future with Jonathan, and hears Dracula urge her to stay with him.

Dracula The Musical

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From left to right: Harker tries to get Dracula to focus on the contract, but Dracula ignores him, instead advising him to only sleep in his own chamber. As Jonathan looks for cards, Dracula emerges from behind a curtain. With wildjorn raise of his hand, he knocks Jonathan unconscious. Resources No matter where you are on your theatrical journey, our innovative production resources will enhance your show experience! Seward leave, leaving Mina with Harker.


Resurrection Dracula 2: Jonathan enters and asks Mina how she is; she says she feels strange, so Jonathan suggests she go to bed.

Savages Treats Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Caught between her fear of his terrible power and her growing affinity towards him, Mina pleads with the vampire not to make her love him unless he truly loves her “Please Don’t Make Me Love You”.

She starts to go over them, but Van Helsing holds up a crucifix, and everyone orders her to release the child, which she does.

A Musical in 2 Acts: Bram Stoker ‘s Dracula. Book and Lyrics by. While Harker shows the men to the door, Mina can’t help but feel a growing need to save Dracula from destruction. Stirred by emotions he has not felt in centuries, Dracula follows Mina to the train station and, from afar, voices his desire to be with her. The Count voices his desire to begin a new life in his new country “Solitary Man”.

Dracula, the Musical – Wikipedia

Lucy awakens and describes her encounter with Dracula to Mina “The Mist”. The Longer I Live. Harker enjoys a lavish dracuoa set by his host and asks the Count if he knows anyone in England. Lucy then describes the three men who had proposed to her in one day; one of them is Jack. Photos have been wildhkrn at rolfbock. Dracula, back at his castle, reflects on his eternal life and realizes he has fallen deeply in love with Mina “The Longer I Live”.

Christopher Hampton Book and Lyrics ‘s plays, screenplays and dracjla have won him world-wide acclaim. Reviews were universally negative, referring to the lyrics as unoriginal, [17] and to the music as monotonous and derivative of both Andrew Draculq Webber and Wildhorn’s previous productions. Drawn to Dracula’s power, Lucy disposes of the garlic and holy water and invites the vampire into her room “The Invitation”.


There’s Always a Tomorrow. With the trance broken, Mina retires while the others plan their next move. Dracula retorts that she is wrong, for he gave Lucy eternal life and it was the vampire hunters who actually killed her. Feeling that Mina has eluded him, a frustrated Dracula appears before Lucy at her reception, causing wildhor to faint.

Trinity The Batman vs. After she retires, Van Helsing tells everyone else that the only way to save Mina is to kill Dracula, so he and Mina will go to the castle while the rest of the company kill the vampire. Later, the men reach his coffin in the hull of a ship.

The Path of the Dragon Dracula: When Van Helsing iwldhorn if he and Renfield had met somewhere before the madman eerily replies that he knows what happened to Van Helsing’s wife. Mina feels a strange attraction to the Count. Van Helsing wants Jonathan to stay behind with Mina, but Mina suggests that she goes with them. Their plan to kill Dracula by putting willdhorn wafers and holy water in his resting place should work, but Van Helsing is concerned Dracula may have backups.