17 Sie Poradnik do gry „Drakensang: The Dark Eye” zawiera mapy kolejnych lokacji oraz opis wykonania zadań związanych z głównym wątkiem. 13 Jan I guess it is now impossible to play in the browser since last year (as far as I remember). To play the test server on the client, all you have to do. 12 Oct I would just like to know exactly what stats should be on what items when making a strong 2h dk build. Also any tips at all would be appreciated.

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Pick up the order in the docks Head to Port Ugdan – you will see some port workers surrounding a giant crab. You must log in or sign up to reply here. SQ36 New rule You need to complete Challenge Ronkwer in his camp Get rid of Humbert Bandit leader 20 will ask you to kill his enemy – Humbert 21 Head to his camp, talk to him and then attack him.

Give the Hammer to Jallik Give the hammer to Jallik 8.

He will tell you drakwnsang the gate has been closed due to the increased goblin activity outside. Slay the dragon You will appear at the top of the tower 1.

You will be automatically transported to the entrance to the marauder camp Meet with her and listen to the accusations she makes towards her lover. He will tell you about Krobber’s treasure.

help me how to play the test server | Drakensang Online EN

Kill the ddrakensang queen The fight with the rat queen is pretty challenging as she is quite resilient and waves of smaller rats are making the whole thing even more difficult. In the inn drunkard Tarosh will give you some valuable information.


Persuade him that he doesn’t really need the flute. Kill her to get her owl skull. Tell her that you will never surrender the jewel and Malgorra will kill Mercenary Gudwin, and you will still have to give her the Dragon’s Eye. Ask pofadnik, how is he able to get in and out of the city.

Drakensang: Phileasson’s Secret (Poradnik do gry)

Talk to Vito After killing the workers report back to Vito and report him on your actions. Save messenger Gondwin Head towards the castle.

Let’s say the random line not high 4. Even going with tier 4, that is over K in materi frags and 15K or so in draken.

Kliknij 4 razy na pierwszego drwala. His wife will get pretty mad upon learning of his infidelity. Exterminate the undead trying to get through the mage’s defences, then talk to Poradnok who seems to be preoccupied creating rock acid, but cannot really focus due to the constant onslaught of the undead.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Solucja/Walkthrought Drakensang by lukaheq [PL] [ENG]

Find the missing woodcutter Holdwin can be found north of the Praiotes camp. Community Messages has been updated. Try to focus your attacks on the huge creature and only after it’s dead take care of the rest. Po jej zabiciu do twojego ekwipunku trafi kolejna sowia czaszka.

He resides in the forester’s lodge in the Dark Forest. Your name or email address: Return to Alvina Once Danos puts the bracelet on he will turn into a toad and Alvina will appear and thank you for help.


Drakensang: The Dark Eye (Poradnik do gry)

If you choose the right dialog options he porradnik even be willing to trade with you. I prefer not to say it hardcore farming.

Stop Tashman Talk to him. I believe if we did planned well, major leap will happen.

I play from browser but last few days cant login. The Burial Jewelry In one of the crypts 22 you will be attacked by two graverobbers. Talk porzdnik him to learn that his plans differ a bit from his father’s and he is not going dfakensang home. He is responsible for the preparation of the celebrations that are going to be held on the square, but the fountain just broke.

You will now be able to enter the hen house and take the key and another note. Challenge Ronkwer in his camp Head to Ronkwer’s 20 camp and talk to him. Tell him that you want to get through the magic barrier covering the ruins. Watch the cutscene featuring the mysterious mage and help Dranor defeat the bandits.

There, he will give you the letter for Nandor This item is incompatible with Drakensang. Discussion in ‘ Dragonknights ‘ started by Aries19Oct 12, Goals should be hard to reach. If you do not have a game account, you will need to register for one. Sneak up to him and pick his pockets – get the key and get back to the mage.