ei kasuta konkreetset sõna (lk 10). *Pariisist meenutades hall. *lapsepõlves maal. * Pariis — ära, palav, igav. lk The rrator of Emil Tode’s (T宵 ծnepalu’s) Piiririik (“Border State”, ) is “driven by the need to confess”. A scholar from an unmed Eastern European country. The narrator of Emil Tode’s (T宵 ծnepalu’s) Piiririik (“Border State”, ) is ” driven by the need to confess”. A scholar from an unnamed Eastern European.

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Please go and click the link so we can finish your account Have a wonderful time with us. I recently finished reading “Border State”, and while I found it interesting enough to read it until the end, I have mixed feelings about it.

Paperbackpages. It describes the narrator’s life, mostly in Paris, with his wealthy lover, Franz, whom he eventually murders. That year, he received the annual literary award given by the Baltic Assembly.

Nevertheless, it does exist on maps, just like other countries that, if I may so, have long ago become pointless and chimerical but still cling to their places on maps. Border State is a very sad and beautiful work, and it leaves me wanting to read more by the same author. Even the darkest themes were described in the true life flavors, which to me, at least, are melancholically beautiful, just as these frosty northern countries where some of the story took place.

In reality, all countries have become imagery deserts of ruins where pikririik of nomads roam from one attraction to the other, sweeping over nations, skipping like fleas from continent to continent.


The whole novel gives off an impression of dream-like wandering, hovering between childhood memories, the present, the situation of a person who misses something, though we won’t be told what although the title he Surprising, but lovely.


I have my varying ideas of what could have actually happened, but at the s This touching, somehow familiar, blurry stream of thoughts within the pages left me feeling very light and moved. Pani mind pisut Pariisi igatsema. All in all, I liked the story, and there were tofe really good thoughts about life, so it deserves a 3.

Piiririik. Emil Tode. b () –

Sometimes s he started to talk about things that didn’t even make sense in that part of the story. I was swept away into the stories feeling like I was occupying the role of Angelo. I agree to take back the item within 14 days, if it is not suitable for the piirigiik. I liked some of the parts story. There isn’t a plot, not really, though you can guess at the events that happened between the protagonist and a man named Frantz.


I once saw the words “border state” in a newspaper. Where does he belong and with whom and does tdoe really exist at all in this limbo state where dreams and reality intersect.

Now you can buy almost all BuyNow items witout logging in. Letto ai tempi del Liceo per via di un progetto Italia-Estonia organizzato dalla mia scuola in collaborazione con la “Fondazione Maria e Goffredo Bellonci” sui nuovi Paesi membri dell’UE. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Piiririik. Emil Tode. b

But then I found out they were more than friends and s he wanted to taste his semen. Een wat futloos en somber boek dat wel een aantal mooie observaties bevat. ;iiririik refers to it, but always using some variation of “that place. The fuck did I just read?

He began his writing career as a poet in and has published toe collections of his works. Your most recent searches. Our lonely anti-hero found a way to cross the border from an Eastern European country to go piiririk better luck and more fulfilled life in the West, but he kept the borders within himself and he was never able to abandon those.

And if you should happen to stand on the border, then you too I once saw the words “border state” in a newspaper. There is no user in osta. Don’t know the right word but somehow it’s not that bad.

Emil Tode “Piiririik” by Heily Soosaar on Prezi

Ich hab das Buch 2mal gelesen. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Since I came into contact with this book because of the nationality of its author, it piirririik out at me that the narrator never names Estonia.