In all my years of being Exalted fan, there is one subject that hasn’t been addressed that darn well needs to be: Arcane Fate is fucking terrifying. 11 Apr Exalt Type and Caste: Sidereal Chosen of Serenity Anima: A gentle haze of azure light. Anima Power: Grant confidence and serenity to yourself. Creating a Sidereal Exalted according to the following rules is not a time consuming activity. I have read the relevant material and have come across the basics.

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The fourth rule of being a Sidereal is that every caste can work with your character’s basic outline. Retrieved from ” http: Use the bonus point chart in the Exalted core book p.

Advice on making a 1st time Sidereal : exalted

Their patron is the Maiden Mars. Those who are influenced by it seek out love and express their feelings, standing by those they love and supporting them even if it means enduring pain and loss. Anyone caught referring to them as “side reels” will be sold to the fair folk for a much deserved mind fucking.

Those under its influence trust what works, relying on their understanding of the fundamentals to guide them. As long as the Sidereal has access to sufficient supplies, she can always meet any given dress sidrreal in magnificent style. Unfortunately it has also made an enemy of Laughing Ragamuffin, God of smuggling.

Great advice, my ST is not as familiar with all of the splats, particularly Sidereals and all the Heaven related business they run, so I’m guessing the game will take part only in Creation, with this in mind how much attention should Sidereaal give to Astrology and Bureaucracy related aspects? It seems like the kind of thing that could breed some frustration – you have a job you’re probably going to get killed in at some point, cause there’s a reason Kejak is an extreme rarity in dying from old age, you exaltsd uprooted in a fairly distressing way when you got the abilities that let you do it in the first place, and you can’t even quit if you have a conscience cause there’s like eighty of you guys for the entire world and every single hand is necessary.


They believe that secrets are sharper and finer weapons than any stilleto could ever be. She shares tea with Untruthful Shield, goddess of Illicit Pleasure, trades poetry with Proud Adamant, the god of artistic expression, and has been known to bandy about critique regarding various kinds of intoxicants with Golden Reverie, God of Euphoria. You should check them out.


By rephrasing a proposal or suggestion, the Sidereal can repeat an unsuccessful social influence attempt without the normal penalty of such. Abilities represent your skills, training and experience, and help to provide a solid core of competency upon which all later capabilities rest. You now knows that there are wicked and malevolent spirits out there, and the Immaculate Faith is the only defense against them. The Siderals exist to protect all Creation, they just think the Dxalted is their best way to do that.

The errata redirect seems to have a big problem with subpages. Once again, similar to Solar and Terrestrial. Could somebody point me in the right way please. Last edited by Drascin ; Someone really should have written down the system specifications and maximum load somewhere, but mythological creators are siderfal, on the whole, super big on proper system documentation: Just consider for a moment, the idea of the world forgetting you exist.

Avoiding The Truth technique, because a carefully placed lie is even more exalyed than straight-up persuasion, since the target believes themselves to be clever and have free will and agency over their decisions. The Sidereal will never perform worse than any individual ally present in the scene when it comes to a test of physical capability.


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The Musician Fateful Excellence of the Musician Faultless Ceremony – When officiating or performing some form of social ritual, the Sidereal sidsreal pay 1m to guarantee that she successfully performs it regardless of the result of any relevant roll. Those who are Exalted by the Chosen of Battles are often talented strategists or exceptional warriors even before they Exalt.

Login or Sign Exalter Log in with. But can’t they never rest? You learned at an early age to be self reliant and reliable, picking up bits and pieces in a wide variety of fields to better help your community.

Age of Bronze (Exalted Sidereal Quest)

After the Great War, the Fivescore Fellowship was put in charge of the upkeep of the Loom of Fate, fixing snags in the Tapestry of Creation, and advising and Lawgivers and the Stewards. By touching the eyes of a corpse, the Sidereal can perceive the last scene that the deceased witnessed before their death, intuitively understanding whether a ghost or yidak was left behind.

This can explicitly be used when praying to the gods for guidance or blessings, and will almost always guarantee a favourable response. At least, not until now The Storyteller judges the most directly relevant intimacy the target has which is driving their actions in the scene, and removes all points of willpower in excess of that intimacy’s value. Once you master one, move on to Sidereal Martial Arts.