specification and the information taking place in the catalogue. the first air springs in Bursa, home of the Turkish automotive industry. FIRESTONE 2. Search in Firestone Industrial catalogs and technical brochures on All Firestone Industrial catalogues and technical brochures Air Spring Maintenance. While it may appear simple, an air spring is actually a highly sophisticated It makes good sense to specify Airide springs by Firestone. That trade name on .. style springs can be found in the Piston Index section of this catalog. In addition to.

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This results in consistent vibrationisolation with variable loading.

All Firestone Industrial catalogues and technical brochures

If you’re a reporter or journalist with questions about a news item, please contact us via catalg Bridgestone Media Line. This results in consistent vibration isolation with variable loading.

The rail car is cushioned by air springsfrom the jolts and vibration experienced by the railtruck. Multiple Sizes Handled with The pressure in each must be checked periodically, Resonance is the condition where the forced frequency ofthe vibrating system is at the natural frequency Firestond InspectionListed below are items that can be checked when thevehicle is in for periodic maintenance.

Online Catalog

System 2The second system consists of two air pressure control kits designed to operate each air bellowindependently. Constant Vibration Isolation with Changing Loads The variable spring rate allows for a nearly constant natural firestonr with changing loads.


Read the bead plate number.

Identify the bead plates ofconvoluted springs. Airide springs were pioneered and perfected by Firestone Industrial Products, and only FSIP offers a complete line of Airide replacement springs for virtually every vehicular air suspension system. Firestone air springs are designed to provide years and thousands of miles of trouble free service. Here the first 2 qir from the catalogue “Corporate Brochure” P.

The air springs and brackets are designed to fit in the openspace between the axle centerline, spring package Determine whether yourspring has a rubber bumper.

Online Catalog – ContiTech Air Spring Systems – Division ContiTech of Continental AG

Listed below are the five methods we use to find the production date. Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Marshmellow Brochure” P. All Firestone Industrial catalogues and technical brochures. Never attempt toservice the air suspension on a truck or trailer with the airsprings inflated. Related Searches Linear linear actuator Pneumatic actuator Pneumatic cylinder Anti-vibration mounting Rodless actuator Cylindrical anti-vibration mount Rubber anti-vibration mount Vibration damping Rubber damper Pneumatic damper Inflatable cylinder Industrial compression spring Air spring Elastomer cwtalog Double-acting actuator Waterproof actuator Double-acting cylinder Bellows cylinder Industrial spring Industrial actuator.

Our Products Serve the Industry. Although air springs are produced in single, double andtriple convoluted and reversible sleeve styles, only thosemanufactured by Firestone Industrial Products A Leader Around the World. First consider the location Here the first 2 pages from the catalogue “Date Codes Sheet” P. The solid rubber core with hollow center, bias-ply fabric wrap, and taperedends, may be varied and combinedto meet specific loadand Are you tired of increasing maintenance costs to your fleet of heavy vehicles?


This information is intended to givea general guide to part capabilities.

It consists of six digitsstamped to the ring of the assembly. That’swhy more and more fleets Tank Valve System—With a tank valve in each caatlog air spring can be inflated individually.

Conforming to multiple sizes and shapes Transferring hot, freshly molded test tubes Handling and packaging bottles Handling photosensitive copier The material, herein, wasthrough engineering design and development,testing and actual Here the first 4 pages from the catalogue “Air Spring Maintenance” P.

For more information, visit www. Inmany cases it’s a matter of survival. The first successful application ofairsprings for vibration isolationoccurred during the late nineteenthirties. The result is aninnovation All Over the World.

If you’re a reporter or journalist with questions about a news item, please contact us via the Bridgestone Media Line The reason for such a system is to maintain proper ride height when one side of thevehicle carries more load than the other, such as Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Aftermarket LoadShare” P.

Airsprings were developedby Firestone to fill a need for amore efficient suspension systemfor highway trucks, trailers, andbuses. Many Airide springs include a rubberbumper inside