Explore Rizalino Manipor’s board “bloodlines” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Game fowl, Hens and Chicken breeds. Very brainy and hardy, these chickens use an off-beat fighting style which twits the aggressive American type of gamefowl. Accurate body hitters and smart. Grey Fighting Style In most gamefowl fights in the past, the ‘Texas’ or the red gamefowl, often an imported American bloodline or cross was the llamado in.

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Gamefowl Fighting Styles!

Clarets are very accurate cutters, fast and clever. The Blue stags and cocks are serious dead game. Sometimes, this fighting spirit is what sustains a Brassback bloodlins lets it pull off a win in spite of injuries sustained during a fight. The hens… Continue reading Browred.

They are roosters that play very well down, very well shaped body, and they usually are dark red or dark brown cocks; with yellow and even white legs.

Fighting Cock Encyclopedia: Origins of the Game Fowl

Basically red in color, gamefoel come yellow-legged and pea-combed. They can shuffle hit in the air and also on the ground without a bill hold. Butchers are straight-combed red that often come white-legged with some coming yellow-legged. This family of game fowl lovers developed a fast breaking red game fowl that up to this date is very important breed, that ggamefowl blended into the new… Continue reading Butcher.

The straight comb Albany is said to be the smarter fighter because it waits for its opponent to make the first move before it reacts, either evading by ducking under the airborne charge or making a counterattack before the enemy rooster can connect. Mixing these with his other bloodlines developed the Blueface as we know it today. Pyles come white, blue, dom, off-white, off-grey or off-red colors.


These animals crossed with Sweater, Kelso and Radio obtain a higher advantage, that pure maybe lack. Talisayin used to be regarded as an aberration or dehado when matched up with any red rooster or ‘Texas.

They are white-legged or yellow-legged and straight or peacombed. His weight ranges from 4 pounds to 6 pounds. Coming dark-legged, dark-eyed and with characteristic black and burgundy feathering, the only weakness of this strain is a seeming lack of gameness and stamina. Originated by the legend Paeng Araneta, Lemon 84 has become the base used by most Bacolod breeders.

Their usual characteristics like power and gameness, though, are still there, gamefowll blows often packing… Continue reading McLean Hatch. Currently, they are crossed with the sturdy and hardy lines to hopefully strike the perfect blend of fighting characteristics. For some American breeders they are the secret ingredient of their combat roosters.

Radios can break high with the mortal slash, when their opponent is down the Radio is too fast with multi-shuffling hits on top of its enemy. Urban legend has it that a Talisayin is… Continue reading Grey — Talisayin. Gamefoal, compared to modern fighting cocks, the Radio rooster is a little slower.

This site shows all my favorites bloodlines of our beloved game fowl in sports. Often sought on its own as a pure stock battlefowl by fight aficionados who prefer Black fighters.

Modern Hatches are more high flying and are faster, many coming more brainy than usual. Some say it lacks gameness but crosses with Albanies, Kelsos and Sweaters have made it a modern gamefowl killer to reckon with.

Bloodline History Mayor Juancho Aguirre claimed that in the sixties and the 70s, Negros was teeming with all the champion lemon lines.

Clarets come straight combs, black breasted and have wine red feathers hence their name. Remember that in the roosters there is no better or worse line simply have to try to acquire one based on your tastes and for a family to be good and excellent results will depend on good nutrition and vitamins for rooster fighting adequate. They are also as beautiful when seen fighting in the pit. Radios are very aggressive fighters, and this is often both their advantage and their death knell.


They are phenotypically pretty roosters. In the drag fight, the infused Brown Reds are defensive and very calculating which is uncharacteristic of a typical Brown Red. These are some gamefowl bloodpines and their characteristics that I personally find in the different breeds of fighting cocks, and, maybe, not all agree with me, but I repeat that each breeder is improving his line based on what he believes.

It should be noted that within each race of roosters there are many variants, as each breeder gives a different touch by adding another race to improve some deficiency or just to add a gxmefowl different style of skin.

Top Fighting Rooster Breeds and Their Characteristics

They can outlast even modern gamefowl opponents. This is its most soughtafter trait despite its medium or low station. While the first McLean Hatches did gamefoql win all the time, they were admired by many for their aggressive, no-holds gxmefowl attitude and suicide attack mode. The RoundHeads Roundheads always perplex inexperienced breeders because when good specimens are made, they fight extremely well, but when the offspring is off, they lose just as spectacularly.

Roundheads are smart fighters with weaving abilities or the often prized evasion trait of side-stepping because of their natural agility.