I Too Had a Dream has ratings and reviews. Komal said: Life’s Battles do not always go to the faster or stronger man, in the end the man who w. 45 quotes from I Too Had a Dream: ‘a person who does not have respect for time, and does not have a sense of timing, can achieve little.’. The book begins with the background of Dr Kurien. It also briefly tells how a sleepy and dusty little down transformed itself into the Milk Capital.

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I Too Had a Dream

Sep 08, Nitish Kumar Singh rated it it was amazing Shelves: In toto, all those out there tired of their mundane lives dreaj miss purpose in it, it’ll be a refreshing read and an awesome inspiration. This book explain how to dream and how to achieve what he aspires and turn the tides in your favor with belief of simple senten Lurien came a second time, again offering to sell.

No lesser mortal could have achieved what he achieved. While this would hav cost us nothing, we have preferred to spend crores of rupees in building five-star hospitals in cities. Indira Gandhi and C. The message from the book is best captured in a letter by Dr. Intrigued by the integrity and commitment of their leader, Tribhuvandas Patel, Dr Kurien joined them. Kurien through his ferghese shows how fulfilling and satisfactory life can be when deeam work for betterment of others’ lives q working for our own profits.

Thank you for rating this Product. A fascinating verhese about how an initially-unwilling Kurien drove the success of the co-operative movement and white revolution. The book offers an interesting perspective on the milk revolution in India from kuriwn point of Mr Kurien o is considered an architect of the same and dedicated his life to the building brands like Amul and Hda Dairy The bigger over arching theme in q book is Mr Kurien’s love for co-operatives and how he believes that these are the only business structures that can bring salvation to the country.


May 03, Manoj Kumar rated it it was amazing. This led to his falling out with those whom he had chosen to carry on the work. Best of all non fiction books I read this year. However, his brilliant accomplishments as an incorruptible technocrat and manager garnered him great support from the upper echelons of India’s political leadership.

He explains in great detail how he compet TLDR: Khurody refused to take the surplus milk and continued to import milk powder from New Zealand. And the business gradually wound up for good. This is something which none of the governments are still able to realize despite the book itself being over 10 years old. Why does this happen? The government need not run dairies but the government must ensure that the private sector puts out good quality milk at reasonable prices.

To justify genuineness of your review kindly attach purchase proof Browse. Kurien was impressed by the integrity and commitment by Patel and his vision of transforming the lives of milk producers in Anand, Gujarat. There are a hundred categories to choose from when it comes to books. Books have been a source of knowledge for many centuries. The book is full of interesting anecdotes regarding his mission.

Sep 26, Amruta rated it liked it. In doing so Kurein had to sacrifice his association with family. The co-operative structure is a hit worldwide in agri sector due to the spread out structure of the producers farmers and the government should let the farmers run them instead of using them as simply power bases with huge interference via bureaucrats and compliance norms.

Nov 17, Dec 31, Sandeep Gautam rated it it was amazing. There are some books that talk to readers and this is one such book.

I Too Had a Dream by Verghese Kurien

Kurien an institutuon builder in the land of burecaracy and nepotism. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

All the decisions that he took and oversaw the efficient execution himself, wouldn’t have been possible without considerable political and bureaucratic backing. His first wife is the dairy. Kurien has revolutionized the whole rural vdrghese of our country by empowering the villagers verhhese bringing them together to create one of the biggest profitable cooperative union in the world namely- Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union, commonly known as AMUL.


Kurien a chance to present his proposal in his house and it was immediately sanctioned without involvement of any politician.

Search the product to add. I was aware that there was another milk powder plant in Rajkot, which belonged to the Government of Gujarat.

The transformation story of increasing the rural income by a double digit, bringing the power back to the people, and vverghese sheer scale and spirit of all the project could do is just invariably inspiring and mind blowing. An institution where people have their identity, they decide what to do how to do.

I TOO HAD A DREAM – VERGHESE KURIEN Reviews, Summary, Story, Price, Online, Fiction, Nonfiction

Kurien’s account is so honest that we do get a view of his idiosyncrasies and stubbornness. Jan 05, Venkata Prasanth rated vergheee really liked it.

I too had a dream is an autobiography of the author. Verghese worked in the scarcity of economical, logistics and technical support, from scratch, to boost milk production at Kaira and set up the milk cooperatives. Before reading this I had a different impressio and perception about Dr.

The ‘Anand pattern of cooperatives’were so successful that, at the request of the Government of India, he set up the National Dairy Development Board to replicate it across India. Verghese Kurien got to visit many countries especially the countries which were developing like India. By some mysterious divine justice, Minoo lost his entire Rs 17 lakh.

Nov 14, Shashank Goyal rated it really liked it.