To present Katsugen Undo (Regenerating Movement), we have chosen this text written by Itsuo Tsuda. What is Regenerating Movement? Regenerating. The area in which the West has made its precious contribution to humanity is Evidence. Today, we are in a transition period, the century of uncertainty, in which. Tag – Itsuo Tsuda. Itsuo Tsuda 津田逸夫 · Encyclopedia · Itsuo Tsuda 津田逸夫 · Josh Gold. August 27, Join the Newsletter. Email Address. Follow Us.

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We must not, therefore, discuss with a Gagarin to affirm or deny the existence of God in space.

The message, almost thirty years after his death, remains up-to-date and relevant. There are gyms with more or less studa changing rooms where you can not even leave your watch otherwise they might stole it, and so on. The movement, after reaching a marked level of intensity, gradually becomes calmer. The yang force is more direct, more interventionist than the yin force, but can easily harden people.

Norito resonance

In Shinto, there is no opposition between God and human being as in Christianity. It is a matter of finding God in yourself. And only now I see Aikido as a process of normalization of the body as well.

So you come here in the morning, take a little coffee, tea, and then practice. That is also why it differs from sports. If we try to raise them using the yang the shoulders will contract, if we try to push the earth with the yin we will remain stuck in the middle of the movement.

The Shinto universe does not match at all with the pre-Copernican geocentric or heliocentric conception, established by Newton. In Aikido we let the ki arise from Seika Tanden, the hara 3rd point in the belly in Seitaiand its tendency is yang because it results from the strength that comes from the back, force that is not expressed in the shoulders, as we see too often, itduo naturally thanks to the koshi.


Theoretically, there exist two forms of regenerating movement: The body spheres Our body is in between others with iteuo external surface: Nakanishi, the particularity of Budo, in martial arts, lies in the ability to respond to resonances. For the person who sees regenerating movement for the first time, the sight is rather surprising.

At that point you feel free, extremely free. Black or white, yin or yang. Indeed, one can neither calm nor shake the soul. One does not perform Regenerating movement. This natural condition is not only physical, but psychic as well. And what is grey? It is the visual representation of a reality experienced by everyone, and kept alive in martial arts.

The authoritarian fathers know this problem with their children and a fracture is often accomplished during the adolescence. Article suivant Meeting the breathing.

Katsugen Undo

Instead of being circumscribed and limited like that of someone under hypnosis, it remains free. The visible part, the one that the physical body can finally use, is ready.

It is the base. By beginning Aikido at forty-five years of age, the ki and Non Doing were the two aspects that mainly attracted him. It requires no special knowledge or technique.

Therefore, there is no creation at the beginning of the world, once and for all. Meeting Itsuo Tsuda, the practice of Katsugen undo and the discovery of the Seitai by Master Haruchika Noguchi were fundamental during my research and gave me an understanding of the body and its movement that was missing until then. The other was developped by Master Haruchika Noguchi, a half century ago. In my case I really love the morning.


Itsuo Tsuda – Itsuo Tsuda School

Soavi, when you met Itsuo Tsuda in the 70s you were already engaged in the practice of martial arts. Aikido should lead to a balance. The Yang surfaces push, sustained by the internal yin, tsufa strong, standing side by side, rejecting and sliding against each other. It itso better to start working with a rather slow pace, if you go too fast at the beginning there is a big chance not to succeed. It is the technique that leads the breathing.

Every day is the first day of creation. This norito is very popular in Japan, it is called Misogi no harae. Similarly in kokyu ho, there are different ways to do it: We discover then that man is fundamentally FREE. Rather in the morning, competitiveness does not have too tsudw importance … you get up, you are in the dojo, you can easily breathe, you start your day.

One comes and it is like being at home, in an association but at home, the dojo are used only for this reason. When two metals come together into a fusion to become for example bronze, they become Bronze, it is not only harmonizing them, they become something different. For me, when we talk about life within us we are all equal. Regenerating movement is not something we acquire from the exterior.