Bass Transcriptions and More by bassist Dave Fink Transcriptions. Darling Dear · The House On Website. bio/. TRANSCRIPTION OF JAMES JAMERSON’S BASSLINE TO. “YOU’RE MY EVERYTHING” by THE TEMPATIONS by PAUL WOLFE -to-play-bass. com. 9 Aug Welcome to this collection of James Jamerson transcriptions. There’s also some bonus Motown transcriptions.

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For years I heard those tracks, amazing to hear it isolated that way. It is eye opening and ear popping!

I knew he was an outstanding bassist but hadn’t ever heard him isolated like this! Don’t believe the hype and bullshit people spread about this city.

Jazz Capacitor | Bass Transcriptions | JAMES JAMERSON

Here I am on the phone with one of the senior members of Universal Music and he’s complimenting my bass playing. I am so thrilled!

You had enough for the group and the lead. What a gift – thank you so much for letting me listen.

It’s my belief that the “fair use” doctrine of jamersno of US Copyright law allows me to make these tracks available to the public for the sole purpose of study, review or critical analysis.


A sk any good bassist who their influences are, and surely the legendary James Jamerson will be somewhere near the top of jjames list. Every measure is unique, there is not a single measure that repeats throughout the tune and yet the groove is utterly compelling from start to finish.

Don’t mistake my enthusiasm for being naive – if you read my site you’ll see I am as critical of this city and the things going wrong here as anybody is. Welcome to my Motown Bass page! If you planned to sweeten the tracks, you had to either do a different mix when you recorded the original tracks or make an 8 Track to 8 Track transfer and put the perc and drums together etc.

The conversation was pleasant and I assured him I had no intention of being confrontational regarding my keeping the Motown tracks up on my site. She always played with a pick, these tracks are so clean and un-mastered that you can tell it’s Jamerson.

How did this happen? This is an incredible set of gems. But I am also obsessed with its mangled beauty and its powerful rich history. Anyway, long story short I called David at Universal after he contacted me and we discussed the situation.



So I ended up donating it all anonymously to the Burton Collection in the Detroit Public Library where they have the finances to protect, defend and preserve the documents.

You have such a generous spirit to make these basslines available in this format. I’ve uploaded Jamerson’s original bass tracks from several classic Motown recordings.

Iconic tune, great bassline. Skip to Content Skip to Navigation.

Bass Players – James Jamerson

Why are these tracks password protected? Amazing, the power of the Internet. Of course, Marvin was the producer, so most of the notes are in his handwriting. Thanks for a wonderful resource! Studio B was mostly for orchestral tdanscriptions. This was demolished a few years ago to make a parking lot for a strip mall. If you ever go to a jam or a rehearsal no-one will ever — EVER! Very cool vid to listen to! We lost many important historical structures in the process, including the Donovan and Sanders buildings.