The Ever-Present Origin is a translation of Ursprung und Gegenwart, a book which was published in German in two parts around and The central . Our purpose here is to become acquainted with Jean Gebser’s seminal work, The Ever- Present Origin [1]. To this end, it would be helpful at the onset to gain a. The Ever-Present Origin. Part One I manifest between origin and the present, and active in origin and the present.

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The Space-Time Constitution of the Structures. The philosophical issue of being versus non-being becomes an tue mental artifact. An aspect of integral awareness is the presentiation, or “making present”, of the various structures of awareness.

Other works by Gebser are in the process of translation. The integral structure of consciousness is no longer a conception: I don’t share his broad characterizations of “the orient”.

Any attempt to remedy the situation by a return to “values” would ultimately fail. A nephew of German chancellor von Bethmann-Hollweg, he was a descendant on his mother’s ever-prewent of Luther’s friend Melanchthon. He was a scholar, a linguist, a translator, a poet, a historian, an eloquent speaker, a traveler, an adventurous lover of life, people, and ideas-a man of experience, wisdom, spiritual depth, and charisma.

Of note here were the incorporation of time in physics, the attempts to “paint” time in the visual arts and evsr-present like. Symbols and statues do not just represent those events, objects and persons, but are those same objects and persons.

I can’t eveer-present it is because I agree with him on everything. New interpretations glimmer up from occlusion, hidden treasures discovered in neglected passages. He calls upon us to realize that we are what we think. Without the awareness of the whole, one would be stuck in a kind of “not-knowing” of an always only “now” not connected to any sense of past or future.


This book is arguably the single most evee-present book on the planet, putting Flatland archaic “scripturalisms” to shame. Furthermore, he knew that thought was never simply a mental exercise restricted to one’s writing.

He lived by this principle himself. That various beings in the present are crystallized from the past, and which also extend into the future. Origin or Ursprung, in the original German is the source from which all springs, but it is that which springs forth itself.

Today a fifth mode or style of cognition, ever-preaent a rational structure, has become a possibility that, as Gebser never tired of insisting, requires eever-present conscious midwifery through personal and collective self-transcending practice.

Jean Gebser – Wikipedia

I would not be who I am if it were not for that chance encounter. After a brief spell in Italy he went to Spain, where he lived for six years. In fact, without already having an integral awareness, one could have no notion of time as “past” or “present”, etc. Jean Hans Gebser was a philosopher, linguist, and poet whose work on human consciousness was a major influence on the later “Integral” movement.

Opening remarks

He befriended and worked closely with Garcia Lorca and other poets, whose works he translated into German. It is not permissible to apply opposite-creating rational thought in this context, which can, if we continue to persist in this faulty opposition, even lead ever-presdnt the suicide of our culture or civilization.


This book is not yet gebeer on Listopia. Hidden beneath the apparent chaos of our times is an emergent new order. Gabriel rated it it was amazing Sep 19, And the integral structure allows for a re-membering of all of the structures of consciousness without the problematic reification of their respective “worlds”.

Of that visit Gebser said, “There in Pondicherry is, to the best of my knowledge as far as India is concerned, the only place where the mutual flooding of rationalistic machine technology on the one hand and psycho-spiritual yoga technology on the other hand, has begun to be a radiant enrichment of both Asia and the West.

Gebser saw traces of the emergence which he called “efficiency” and collapse “deficiency” of various structures of consciousness throughout history. Gebser wrote that the question as to the fate of humanity is still open, that for it to become closed would be the ultimate tragedy, but that such a closure remains a possibility.

Neither he nor his books fit any existing stereotype. But it was through this very quagmire of “the decline of the West ” that Gebser saw the emergence of a new structure of consciousness which he termed the integral.

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A Brief Biography — Jean Gebser Society

The Ever-Present Origin 4. Integrative InvestigationsJanuaryVolume 4 Number 1. Katherine rated it it was amazing Sep 03,