For many people, the workplace is becoming more and more stressful. The Job Stress Questionnaire (JSQ) has been designed to assess relative levels and. NIOSH Generic Job Stress Questionnaire. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Division of Applied Research and Technology. Organizational . The purpose of the present study was to analyze the internal consistency and factorial composition of the Job Stress Questionnaire (JSQ), a perceptual measure.

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Independent variables were measured by the Japanese versions of Karasek’s demand-control uob and Siegrist’s effort-reward imbalance questionnaire. Health care professionals should consider temperament, especially depressive and cyclothymic types, in order to help employees cope better with job stress factors.

In addition to scales measuring stress and job satisfaction, the questionnaire requested demographic information and included a depression scale. Data were entered into SAS database and analysed using descriptive statistics, Chi square and regression analysis. Moreover, the occupation specific JD-C model may give practitioners more concrete and useful information about risk factors in the psychosocial work environment.

A mail survey of members of the National Flight Nurses Association was conducted to assess occupational stress and job satisfaction. A questionnaire including the Maslach Burnout Inventory, the item General Health Questionnairethe Consultants’ Mental Health Questionnaireand questions assessing personal and professional characteristics, career satisfaction, and current doctor-patient relationships was administered.

The assessment model used demonstrated the presence of work related stress in VDU operators and additional “critical” aspects which had failed to emerge by the classical use of HSE analysis tool.

The literature shows that stress is more prevalent in newly qualified staff nurses. Each of those 22 items on the questionnaire was examined to have five factors. High levels of stress and deteriorating mental health among medical students are commonly reported.


The findings showed that workload and time pressure were the most frequently encountered job stress among staff nurses, the score was 3. Based on this result, it is suggested to enhance workers’ welfare qhestionnaire health promotion in workplace by improving their working environment in order to reduce job stress and consequently to decrease the smoking rate.

When the subjects were grouped based on socio-demographic characteristics, a high level of psychological stress was significantly more frequent in subjects less than 20 years of age than in those not less than 20 years of age, in smoking jjob than in non-smoking subjects, and in urban residents than in rural residents In order to provide optimum support, awareness of the particular factors that create stress at this time is vital.

The two methods were valid and generally reliable. Finally, we discuss contributions of this study and implications for recruitment and retention of nurses in the health sector. Post-traumatic stress disorder and job stress among firefighters of urban Japan.

Job stress differed across job positions, with nurses showing significantly higher levels of stress An intervention was conducted amongst workers in a private firm. To explore the effects of job content on psychological stress in young recruits. A questionnaire measuring occupational stressjob satisfaction questionnnaire job performance quesstionnaire used. The professional skills level was high in Those with long-term friendships characterized by strong connections reported lower levels of stress than did those with weak ties to friends among nurses 1.

The study deals with the job component method of establishing compensation rates.

job stress questionnaire: Topics by

A supplementary objective was to determine whether there were any differences in menopausal symptoms and job -related stress factors among nurses in managerial positions. An questionnaiire threefold higher proportion of German physicians exhibited a high level of work-related stress.


What model accurately portrays the relationships between these three independent variables? After adjustment for work environment factors, low control [odds ratio OR 4. Temperament and job stress in Japanese company employees.

Multiple regression analysis was performed to investigate the relationships among job stressjob satisfaction, and mental health status according to the symptom dimensions of the SCLR. Nurses tend to overlook their physical environment and “do their job. To explore the relationship between job satisfaction and occupational stress in the workers of a thermal power plant.

The research questions were answered using a descriptive, correlational design. The data were collected using the demographic questionnaireOsipow occupational stress questionnairw to investigate the level of job stressJob Descriptive Index to examine job satisfaction, and Hersey and Goldsmith questionnaire to investigate productivity in the study population.

A convenience sample of clinical nurses was recruited between December – February Path analysis was used to examine the goodness of fit of the model. Managerial skills can help organizations jxq improve employees’ effectiveness and reduce job stress. Korea has a unique health-care system for endoscopy unit workers. Inadequate recognition, particularly by administrators and supervisors, and lack of involvement in decision-making processes surfaced as sources of dissatisfaction, as did inadequate feedback strses job performance.

Multiple regression results indicated job satisfaction was significantly influenced p job stress. The results were statistically analysed.