In Defense of Global Capitalism has ratings and 28 reviews. Natasha said: Full of cherry-picked statistics which totally gloss over the reality of un. In Defense of Global Capitalism fully accomplishes the goal revealed by its title. Here, Swedish historian and political writer Johan Norberg. With hard facts, statistics and simple graphs, Johan Norberg explains why capitalism is in the process of creating a better world. But the book is also personally.

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More approachable than any treatise on economics I have ever read. Property rightsfor the sake of the poor. A trite regurgitation of position papers from Cato, The Fraser Institute an embarrassment to my home town and norbegg and the like with a cutesy “teenage anarchist learns to love capitalism” narrative thrown in as an introduction. Note the cherry-picked dates.

As ofthe book has been translated into a dozen of languages including: Of the many myths he undermines, the one that stands out is the notion that globalization increases inequality. Retrieved from ” https: Anne Applebaum of Washington Post wrote: Though, not of his own fault, but the collectivisation of the society because of his beloved “democracy”. I think he does a great job of presenting pretty strong empirical, theoretical and ethical arguments for global capitalism in an accessible and convincing man There are definitely legitimate empirical and theoretical challenges that can be made to Norberg’s defense of global capitalism.

Oct 04, Caiptalism Hurley-Walker rated it did not like it. Ben Steinformer speechwriter for U. Does a great job of using statistics and common sense to refute many economic ideas that are tossed around as “true” in the media and on Facebook. Unlike other authoritarian regimes in the region, Chile replaced its authoritar Full of cherry-picked statistics which totally gloss over the reality of unfettered capitalism. In fact I did not finish the book, jkhan it did bring a few new things for me.


I would not have purchased it were it not for the glowing review by Samuel Brittan, a columnist for the Financial Times, for whom I have much respect, now slightly diminished. User Review – Flag as inappropriate More approachable than any treatise on economics I have ever read.

In Defense of Global Capitalism – Johan Norberg, Roger Tanner, Julian Sanchez – Google Books

I have capifalism read Piketty yet but all the debate around his work seems to defy evidence of how millions of people are moving out of poverty year after year thanks to practices close to Capitalism than the Marxism that he defends. The point where I nearly threw it against the wall was this: Every day in every way.

Therefore, we need more capitalism and globalisation if we want a better world, not less”. But it is a role Johan Norberg, author of In Defence of Global Capitalism and at 30, every bit as good-looking as left-wing pin-up Ms Klein, has easily morphed into. The book was also the basis for the Channel norbrg documentary film Globalisation is Goodwhich was presented by Norberg. Dec 17, Magda Michielsens rated it really liked it. Capitakism 27, Uundaa rated it it was amazing.

In Defense of Global Capitalism is a shining example of what a gifted mind can do working with the truth to advance the cause of capitalism, which in the end is the cause of every decent man and woman”.

No need to be an economist to understand it. The case of Latin America. Page 20 – Various places are witnessing the resurgence of a certain capitalist neoliberalism which subordinates the human person to blind market forces and conditions the development of peoples on those forces. Samuel Brittan of Financial Times wrote: I am not opposed to capitalism per se; I think that competition and profit does drive toward efficiency and innovation, which can improve the lot of humanity.

Jul 28, Alex Chatziliadis rated it did not like it.

Archived from the original on It covers the whole gamut of issues on globalizatio I decided to read this despite beginning to watch one of his Youtube videos about the topic. World hunger, infant mortalityand inequality have diminished. It is a polemic in the best sense – a strong argument for a legitimate but controversial viewpoint that is often poorly understood. Of course this involves bribing politicians and buying the regulations you want. The white mans shame.


In Defense of Global Capitalism

But, this is not meant to be an full academic review of literature on the topic. It is more a wish or a recommandation of what the author believes global economics should be in a world ruled by capitalism.

Essential reading for the anti-capitalists. Avoid — unless you want to know what sort of nonsense comes out of right-wing think tanks when you globa, enough cash. It covers the whole gamut of issues on globalization, not just the economic aspects.

Indeed Capitalim argues that more could be done if practices like immigration control and imposition of first world practices on third world were stopped. Nice comprehensive defense of globalization, especially the vast empirical support. PREVIOUS to this regime, yes, the country had a somewhat stagnant economy, but it was a democracy, and growing quite well, with year-on-year improvement in standard of living.

In Defence of Global Capitalism

So I’ll divide this provocative book into the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Most important of all, the bloodstained dictatorship has been peacefully superseded by a stable democratic regime — just as the liberal advisers advocated and prophesied. He ignores the period ofwhich is when the liberalisation laws were actually brought in. The bleeding heart horberg of dead illegal immigrants were simply anecdotal evidences, not an argument since Norberg also acknowledged the problem with a welfare state.