Senhor José is a low-grade clerk in the city’s Central Registry, where the living and the dead share the same shelf space. A middle-aged bachelor, he has no. #saramago stories you’ll love. Read new stories about #saramago on Wattpad. Jose Saramago – Toate numeleby StoicaDaniel icon view 25 icon vote. Toate numele – Jose Saramago America fara etaje – Ilf si Petrov Jocul de smarald – Ioan Petru Culianu La capatul lumii si in tara aspra – Haruki.

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In fact, this is the very book the protagonist of All the Names would likely read in one go, sat up in bed, with a cup of weak coffee, and an unfulfilling sandwich, as he doesn’t exactly have a busy schedule away from work, that is, until an unknown woman enters his life, no, he enters hers, only without her knowing it.

Now I feel like an asshole for killing you. Apr 26, Michael Ferro rated it it was amazing. Como tal, qualquer amante de Saramago estaria desculpado ao pensar que Todos os Nomes seria a epopeia de Sr. It’s Borgesian in it’s paradoxical portrait of archives read “Library of Babel”-esque without hexagons ; and the atmosphere and setting of the novel is Kafkaian as opposed to Kafkaesque, which is a nonsensical and overused phrase that has lost all meaning, just rest assured that Kafkaian is legitimate, in the same manner that Orwell-esque is now the only acceptable manner for one to speak of doublespeak type situations, but only in an appropriate manner and may not be used for any kind of paranoid conspiracy Big Brother bullshit, if you want to say something about that the proper phrase is “the government is watching me”, there is no Big Brother, until such time that a cult of personality figure is in fact watching you, then it will be fine to use the term Orwell-esque to talk about the situation you find yourself in.

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Registered Redemption Most of Saramago’s themes are found here: View all 18 comments. Jun 09, Greg rated it liked it Shelves: Uma aventura que, para o leitor, chega a ter alguns momentos de suspense.

The title simply refers to the miles of archival records among which the protagonist toils at the Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths in an unnamed small city whose inhabitants still live by ancient and tight rules and regulations. Throughout the story, we are presented with wonderfully amusing anecdotes of satire concerning the operations of the day-to-day government.

One book was not enough for him to work out either the bureaucracy of death or unhealthy and insane obsessions with it, or of it come to that. The prose was soft and inviting, even though the story itself revolved so heavily around a bleak, despairing center. Memory of a book read a few minutes ago.

The two books not only hang together, fit like pieces of a jigsaw, they are immensely revealing of Saramago’s preoccupations.

All the Names

View all 5 comments. View all 61 comments. Open Nkmele See a Problem? Of course, Saramago is a master of the form and I wouldn’t dare to compare my own work with his, but it was quite a treat to find a similar subject as my own handled with such skill.

jsoe Firstly it was by accident I read Death with Interruptions first and then this one. Refresh and try again. What at first appears to be a simple story about a humdrum civil servant’s odd fascination with an unknown woman quickly becomes a stunning exploration of loneliness, bureaucratic absurdity, and the purpose of a meaningful life. Return to Book Page.

He would probably have reacted harshly to the suggestion that he had created perhaps ‘outlined’ is a better verb, iose then again perhaps there is no adequate word at all a sort of religion without a deity, the core of which is a humble Registered Redemption Most of Saramago’s themes are found here: Alternately farcical, macabre, surreal and tragic, but also chilly in a kafkaesque way, his narrative depicts the loneliness of individual lives, and the universal need for human connection, even as it illuminates the fine line between those of the living and those of the dead.

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Alina Busioc –

Short passage of black pastoral in a cemetery invades free, wild vegetation. Loner old-boy, submitted to the monotonous rhythm of his work, Mr. Em Todos os Nomeso protagonista Sr. He was a member of the Portuguese Communist Party. Then again perhaps he wouldn’t object too forcefully; there are worse religious beliefs. Particularly amusing, at least to me, are the scenes taking place in the city’s municipal graveyard, describing its evolution over the centuries, as well as its relation to and competition with the Central Registry.

The reviews that concentrate on story, the plot, I think miss out on Saramago generally. Generally when I write a review, I do it straight off and don’t edit much. Speaking of soul, Saramago clearly had it in abundance. You didn’t need to give up the will to live just because I didn’t like your writing style.

Saramago relates the novels events in a finely honed and precise way, pervaded with irony, but also playfully mocking with humour. There were an awful lot of reviews in Arabic I hoate read though. It deserves its proper name. May 22, BlackOxford rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s the sort of system that East Germany would have been proud of.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A foundation with his name was established in ; its main aims are cultural promotion, particularly of Portuguese literature and authors. More people liked you than like me. O grande destino do Sr. Jul 20, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: So now send me my check. It is a fascinating look at the everyday and what can often be hidden from public view within the confines of our mental walls.