Formaldehyde-free, low toxicity, biodegradable biocide. Used as in-can preservative for a wide range of adhesives and silicone emulsions. Provides both . Product name: KATHON™ WT % BIOCIDE. Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use. Identified uses: Biocidal product. Kathon lxe biocide – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Kathon lxe biocide.

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PH of the emulsion can range from 6 to 10, typically 7. Redox systems using the same initiators coupled with a suitable reductant such as, for example, sodium sulfoxylate formaldehyde, ascorbic acid, isoascorbic acid, alkali metal and ammonium salts of sulfur-containing acids, such as sodium sulfite, bisulfite, thiosulfate, hydrosulfite, sulfide, hydrosulfide or dithionite, formadinesulfinic acid, hydroxymethanesulfonic acid, acetone bisulfite, amines such as ethanolamine, glycolic acid, glyoxylic acid hydrate, lactic acid, glyceric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid and salts of the preceding acids may be used.

Sharply fluctuating fuel prices defined oil and gas sector in Such materials typically have a refractive kaathon of greater than 1. Petersen, T; Geisler, C.

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Examples of these types of monomers are ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic or dicarboxylic acids, especially acrylic or methacrylic acid, itaconic acid, maleic acid, or the amides, especially N-alkylolamides or hydroxyalkyl esters of the above-mentioned carboxylic acids, such as meth acrylamide, N-methylol meth acrylamide, 2-hydroxyethyl meth acrylamide, hydroxyethyl meth acrylate, and hydroxypropyl meth acrylate.

The preservative can still be used in rinse-off products such as shampoos and shower gels at a maximum concentration of 0. A paint containing lx polymer-encapsulated pigment was prepared using the following procedure to form the aqueous coating composition Paint 4. The ingredients listed in Table 7 let down were added using a conventional lab mixer. The preparation methods of the polymer-encapsulated pigment of the coating composition of the present invention can oathon any methods, familiar to the technical persons in the art.


The ingredients listed in Table 10 grind kathn mixed using a high speed Cowles disperser. Hydrophilic stain repellency is observed by eye and represented by the hydrophilic stain repellency No.

Solar industry demands uniform GST rate of 5 pc. Journal of Applied Bacteriology.

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The MFFT is taken to be the minimum temperature where one observes a clear and crack-free film. The pigment particles, kathhon encapsulated, are inorganic pigment or extender. The aqueous coating composition with improved stain resistance in the present invention comprises a pigment composition, including 15 wt.

One isothiazolinoneSea-Nine 4,5-dichloron-octylisothiazolinoone, DCOIhas quickly replaced tributyltin as the antifouling agent of choice in ship hull paint. The aqueous coating composition according to claim 1wherein the pigment is TiO 2. The MFFT measurement is carried out by drawing down a film of the dispersion onto a metal bar subjected to a thermal gradient and then passing dry air over the dispersion until the film is dry.

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CN CNB en By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Other names 2-Methylisothiazol-3 2 H -one 2-Methylisothiazolinone. Higher level of paraffin wax emulsion may lead to a stronger repellency to hydrophilic stain. The ingredients listed in Table 10 let down were added using a iathon lab mixer.

A process of producing a coating composition comprising polymer encapsulated metal oxide opacifying pigments. The aqueous coating composition of the present invention comprises 0. When aqueous dispersion of polymer encapsulated pigment exists, wax dosage can be less to maintain the same hydrophilic stain repellency, compared with the coating composition with the art pigment. The polymer shell composition, particle size, particle morphology and process to make such are described, un-exclusively, in for example U.


Alternatively, the polymer-encapsulated pigment is prepared by treating the katon agent with a polymer precursor and then subsequent polymerization to prepare the hydrophilic polymer.

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Chain transfer kathln are optionally kathpn to the aqueous reaction medium to control molecular weight of the polymer. Existing user login here. In one embodiment of the present invention, the polymer shell of the said polymer-encapsulated pigment has an average thickness of 10 nanometers to nanometers, preferably from nanometers, more preferably from nanometers.

The ingredients listed in Table 14 grind were mixed using a high speed Cowles disperser. The paraffin wax is preferred here to be added as emulsion, but it could also be added by other methods. After homogenization, the resulting emulsion is cooled, for example, through a heat exchanger, and then filtered and packaged. A common indication of sensitivity to Kathon CG is allergic contact dermatitis.

Biocidal applications range from industrial water storage tanks to cooling units, in processes as varied as mining, paper manufacturing, metalworking fluids and energy production. Arch Environ Contam Toxicol. Aqueous pigmented kathoon polymeric iathon composition for e. Email address already registered. Export Data Import Data Both. Coating composition with improved liquid stain repellency kathln process for making the same.

This report only considered the issue of contact sensitization. The aqueous coating composition according to claim 1wherein the polymer of the polymer-encapsulated pigment is comprised of at least one copolymerized ethylenically unsaturated nonionic monomer.

Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. Or said water dispersible or soluble polymer could be epoxy polymer, poly urethane dispersion, polyurethane acrylic hybrid, alkyd polymer, hybrids or blends between those polymers.