Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah. Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah. Map Legend. Terms. 50 m. Manage account. Create new map. Open map. Best Trails in Kodachrome Basin State Park Print/PDF Map a National Geographic Society expedition to name the area Kodachrome after the popular. The scenery is usual here, dominated by 67 monolithic stone spires called sedimentary pipes. Find Kodachrome Basin State Park camping and other information.

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It was very odd for a holiday to be this empty, but we were happy with it!

Very peaceful trail with nice views. Views from the Panorama Trail, above the weathered badlands. Easy trail but I’d imagine it would be rather hot during the summer.

Highly recommend sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of water! These base layers hardened, and overtime erosion has exposed the softer layers, revealing “pipes”. The springs became choked with sediments, which eventually cemented together and became more erosion-resistant that the surrounding rock. Aptly named, the overlook offers vistas in all directions, with only a small sliver of the horizon blocked by another hillside to the south.


Best Trails in Kodachrome Basin State Park

It’s definitely a hidden little gem down South there. The arch was pretty cool. HikingSouthern Utah. The trail follows the craggy sandstone cliffs for a half-mile, passing a number of tempting side canyons along the way.

Best Trails in Kodachrome Basin State Park – Utah | AllTrails

Here badin must be made based on light: A signpost spirits hikers off to the left—the most direct route to Cool Cave. We had 6 dogs with us and it got too hot for them in the middle of the day when we had gone, so we had to turn around. Hiking to Shakespeare Arch is fun but the hiking afterward was my favorite part.

Valley to the north. The “Cool Cave” was interesting to see and the view from Panorama Point is quite nice. Hiking Itineraries Landscapes Maps. The official Kodachrome Basin literature lists the Panorama Trail as being a 6-mile loop.

Rock features that resemble large ovens. After a short climb, the trail forks yet again—bear left. Smoky Mountain RoadGlen Canyon – a scenic unpaved track that passes through the same rock layers that occur at Kodachrome Basin.

Alicia Baker June 6, at 2: Tyler Marshall on Angel’s Palace Trail. We would definitely do it again but by foot next time. The path climbs about feet up the latter; a sign dismantled when I was there marks parl you have reached Panorama Point. Glad you had it to yourself: Site Map Photography Whats New? Lita Silva on Angel’s Palace Trail.


Girl on a Hike: Kodachrome Basin State Park, Panorama Trail

The path is so wide kodachfome well-worn that it could almost be classified as wheelchair-accessible—were it not for the ubiquitous sand that would make wheeling a tough slog. Fun trail which provides the great, classic panorama views in Koda. Super varied, mostly flat and with great sights. We felt this hike was not strenuous nor technical, though there were ups and downs.

Kodachrome Basin State Park

Panorama view looking West. Continuing down the spur trail, towards Cool Cave.

Doing both of these hikes was a good way to spend a day. Nice little hike around the basin. We were so afraid this trail would be packed with hikers, yet we didn’t see one other hiker the whole 3 hours we were on the trail!