SHORT CUT METHOD IN KP HORARY ASTROLOGY(GULBARGA THEORY) By comparing the sign lord, star lord and thesub lord of the horary number given. Smart KP Horary Astrology – Horary astrology is an ancient branch of horoscopic astrology by which an astrologer attempts to answer a question by constructing. What is KP System? Make KP Chart Online · Ruling Planets Now · KP Panchang Now · KP Horary Chart Online · KP New Ayanamsa Calculator · KP Astrology.

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Selecting the fruitful significators assuming that the ruling planets at the time of judgment of query would be the same ruling planets at the time of fructification of the event in question; b. More recent research studies added a new sub division subsub and the number range is astrolpgy used.

KP Horary Astrology Astrologist.

The retrogression had been considered in 8 articles, and it is found in the retrogression example on page that if the cuspal sub lord is horsry strong significator of the relevant bhavas, the result is not denied. From the list of RPs in some cases you will see that transit of Sun and Moon will tell the date and timing of events and not only you, horaary sceptics will also be amazed to see the result of application of RPs. Other houses are calculated based on the Ascendant and the date of judgment.

Date, Time and Place of Judgment. Whereas, from a horary astrology wstrology, one can find the answer only to that specific question, that generated it. KP Horary Number Since the zodiac can be divided into divisions, each ruled by a sign-lord one per 30 degstar-lord one per 13 deg 20 min and a star-sublord variable dimensions, 40 min to 2 deg 13 min 20 sec xstrology, Sri KSKji horarh several tests using a KP Horary number between 1 and Sections of this page.

The following pages explain different basic concepts and how to choose them to get best results. Kanak Bosmia and Sri Tin Win. RPs are the same for Natal or Horary, which rule the moment at the time of judgment of any question,and any difference is not found.


Smart KP Horary Astrology Free Download

I forgot link to post about his work on Ruling planets and it may be edited further to add the link. The complete table with the KP horary number and the corresponding rasi lord, star lord, sub lord and starting DMS Degree, Minutes, Seconds can seen here.

These charts are generally drawn for the moment when a question is asked and the horay then is utilized for studying and analyzing the specific situation or event that forms the basis of the question. A significator which becomes an RP simultaneously will definitely a stronger significator and rather a fruitful significator.

Ruling Planets in KP, http: Introduction To predict an event, it is required to have accurate date, time and place of birth. The casting and analysis of the chart using date, time, place and the number given by the querent is called KP Horary Astrology. Day lord Sun rise to sun rise f Planets in conjunction, aspect by above planets a to e g Nodes Rahu and Ketu connected conjunction or aspect also star lord level by planets to planets from a to d.

After several research studies, Sri K. Date, Time and Place of Judgment. He says- Let we grasp any principles or phenomenon only once very clearly as such jp touches the sub-conscious stage. If a RP is in the sub of another RP who is detrimental to the k; to be judged for a particular matter by being a significator of houses 8 and 12 to the house to be judged, then this RP will not be fruitful Ruling Planet. RPs without urge is valueless.

KP Horary Astrology (Jyotish) : Introduction

Parasara Jyotisa Course Website. Project Web Hosted by. The final note is that everything can not be predicted by using the RPs because they are supposed to be only the selective tool but not predicting tool.

There has been a wstrology of discussion on the Ruling Planets, and there are very divergent views on the RPs usage among the KP followers.

RPs who are deposited in the sub of a planet in retrogression, or of a planet signifying houses detrimental to the matter in question, and are also not any way connected with the houes relevant to the matter in query are left out of consideration. The Ruling planets are: The success of RPs may depend on the urge of both the consultant and astrologers and how an Astrologer is blessed by Astro,ogy, parents,and almighty.


You will be astonished to know that this is the application of RPs ,if one is blessed by Gurus and Almighty. KrishnaMurtiji has found more fruitful results by using a number between 1 andeach number representing astro,ogy sub division of the zodiac.

A plethora of options and several methods for casting and delineating horary charts exist in the various flavors of astrology that are available. Some also consider the sub lords of Ascendant and Moon as ruling planets.

KP Horary Number Table

This is very simple technique and easy to use independently to time the event; zstrology KP Horary astrology; in Natal astrology. P astrologer to sail through the dark way of innocence behind the vast world of occult science.

KP Reader VI pp,, 6. Project Web Hosted by. If a RP is in the sub of a retrograde planet, then this RP is not useful.

Krishnamurti My own experience: This number determines the Ascendant position. Birth time rectification assuming that the ruling planets of the time of judgment would agree with the ruling planets at birth time; c. The starting position of the sub that corresponds to the KP Horary number is used as the ascendant in a chart drawn for the moment of the query planetary longitudes were calculated for the moment. Lagna star lord b Lagna sign lord c Moon star lord d Moon sign lord e Weakest: Om Sri Guruve Namaha.

RPs should be analysed clearly hogary get a good result and failing which it is the mistake of the person and of course not this holy spectacular science.

In addition to this, a number is used to involve the spirit of the querent. The group of RPs at generation of birth chart will be same as RP at the time of query, at the time of judgment and at the time of fructification of the event. The information in this site is from the lessons learned from my teachers Sri.