Robins’s debut fantasy chronicles the fascinating transformation of year-old Miranda from girlish street urchin to an attractive, audacious. Maledicte (Antyre, book 1) by Lane Robins – book cover, description, publication history. There’s not much I can say about Lane Robins, author of “Maledicte”. As far as I can tell, she doesn’t have a website or blog yet, and about all.

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And so I begin to pick my way through it. It was them against the world until politics and rigid adherence to bloodlines tore Janus from Miranda’s life. It’s just all these things added together couldn’t get me rivited to the pages. So you would spend a while in a scene before realizing it had been months since the previous one. Not seething, and no more decadent that any other court I’ve ever read of.

As far as the prose, Ms. Books of the Week. When the lord finds out Maledicte’s secret the stakes are even greater. Intrigues, passions, desires, a half hearted cross dressing plot?

The core of the story is a recognizable one: Nov 10, Dee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Robin’s does some wonderful things with language, skillfully writing a book that contains beautiful prose that does not distract the reader. Let me tell you how I over came the crappy blurb and my own reservations and found my new favorite book.

Months later, Maledicte arrives at a Baron’s manor with no real plan other than to kill the man responsible for Janus’s abduction and get Janus back. The setting is dark but not morbid, the diction perfectly suited to the atmosphere – creates the atmosphere, I should say. But, all in all, the writing was better than a lot of what I’ve read by authors who have been publishing for decades, and I think I will pick up the next book that Ms.


It’s great if you can tolerate a protagonist that’s possessed by a god of vengeance, which lets him kill without remorse while harboring a disturbingly fevered obsession for his true love. Maledicte is always referred to as a “he” – that pane the construct – and only rarely does the facade slip and Maledicte becomes Miranda and “she”, briefly and conflictingly.

But now to the kingdom comes a handsome, enigmatic nobleman, Maledicte, whose perfect rboins, enchanting charisma, and brilliant swordplay entice the most jaded tastes. She had a goal and underwent any number of trials to reach it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Until her beloved Janus, who has the misfortune of being the bastard son of a nobleman short on heirs, is torn from her.

The premise is kept simple and straight-forward, allowing the themes to lzne through more strongly.


Likewise, considering how much influence Vornatti had, going from rebellious Relict rat to accommodating sex slave literally happened within a span of a few minutes seconds in reading time. Hoping against hope things would get better. It adds to the haughtiness of it all. I’ve only given five stars to about four or five other stories. Seething with decadent appetites unchecked by law or gods, the court of Antyre is ruled by the last of a dissolute aristocracy.

I liked it a lot more than I expected robinx reading reviews about it being very dark.

Maledicte (Antyre, #1) by Lane Robins

I just hope robinw won’t be about Maledicte. This isn’t the typical “woman dresses as a man to fight a war” story. I really enjoyed this book, even as Amledicte was pleasantly surprised at how more adult it was!


Sure, he’s being taken against his will, and that’s always terrible, but don’t they face equally terrible misdeeds every single day? Mar 15, Dion Cassidy rated it it was amazing. I felt like I was tripping over the words as I read because they were unecessarily complicated to try to create an old world formality that failed. It is a book mmaledicte love, and most of all about trust.

And then there’s Gilly. As her machinations strike at the heart of Antyre’s powerful noble houses, Miranda must battle not only her growing bloodlust but also Janus’s newly kindled and ruthless ambitions.

Maledicte Antyre Author s: Dec 04, Tama Wise rated it really liked alne Recommends it for: By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. But yeah–She is, as someone else pointed out, finishing up a sequel to Maledicte, and is also working on a new series under the name of Lynne Benedict. And I laughed malddicte, and loud, and joyously.

I think roibns whole book would have been immeasurably better with a little more world-building on Robins’ part, or even a little insight into the history Janus and Maledicte shared before he was stolen away. In return, Maledicte allows Vornatti to abuse him, as the baron also abuses his other servant, faithful Gilly.