The Manitou by Graham Masterton (): He Who Devours It was a distinct pleasure to finally read this vintage mid-’70s bestselling horror. I was digging through my collection of horror novels and came across an excellent but mostly forgotten classic: Graham Masterton’s The. Editorial Reviews. Review. “A chilling tale.” —Kirkus Reviews Praise for Graham Masterton “A master of the genre.” —Rocky Mountain News “Graham Masterton.

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An extremely quick and easy read, fascinating mythology, very likeable cast of heroes and chilling villains. She was one my first literary obsessions.

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It started out fairly good, but then went completely ridiculous. Another little era giveaway that made me smile is that when Harry E is asked to identify himself and realizes that “My driver’s license was at home, and so were my credit cards”: Ok manitok was my 4th book by masterton in a row: The story was good, but long winded.

Will listen to more!!!!!! Refresh manjtou try again. New York City is swept by a strange and terrible epidemic – Doctors are helpless as victims fall prey to a bizarre blood disorder.

Revenge of the Manitou (Manitou, #2) by Graham Masterton

It drove me crazy. All this exposition talk didn’t slow the book down, it only seemed to make it deeper. It would never happen that way”, I thought over and over again. Seguir comprando Pagar Seguir comprando.


The Manitou Audiobook | Graham Masterton |

A strange disease has overtaken New York City. Now where is my copy of night warriors. Now a chain reaction has begun and It only grows at night. It was so cool to read a horror book set in places I’ve personally seen like that. Also this is so easy for people to know these vampires, since after Stoker’s Dracula the Romanian Vampire has kind of become the International Vampire.

Revenge of the Manitou

Manotou and grisly occurrences begin when the tumorous growth perceives himself to be under attack as a result of the X-rays used to ascertain its nature starting to stunt and malform its development. No Reviews are Available. I thought maybe something had happened in one of the other books, but I found an interview with Masterton in which he confessed to screwing that one up. Books by Graham Masterton.

A great horror read with a touch of humour. His grandfather was Thomas Thorne Baker, the eminent scientist who invented DayGlo and was the first man to transmit news photographs by wireless. Amsterton the tabloids really be true that it’s something to do with vampires?

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. It is gradually discovered that the growth is actually an ancient Native American shaman who is reincarnating himself by mastergon himself a new body on the poor woman. They masgerton unable to eat solid food, are extremely sensitive to daylight – and they have an irresistible need to drink human blood Although a part of a series, this is book that’s easy to follow as a standalone, while continuing the Manilou thread in a way that will keep fans of the other books pleased.


Includes three previously unpublished stories, and two stories which have been filmed for “The Hunger” TV series: Skulls in the Stars. I giggled a bit at some of the more eye rolling moments the aforementioned, and how, as other readers have pointed out, police detectives and doctors tended to shrug and go along with all the extreme weirdness despite their affirmed rationality.

A slickly crafted style, half first person, half usual narrative, yet blended in a way that the reader is not masrerton by the style. If there was any drawback, I thought that when the demons and the Great Old One came into it, they weren’t quite as scary as Misquamacus.

Luis – Yep, this one was indeed the perfect vintage horror novel. I will read more Graham Masterton — I will not, however, read any more books in the Manit I don’t understand the 3.

My only problem with the book is the last chapter. Subscribe to Too Much Horror Fiction. Feb 18, Alexander Draganov rated it it was amazing. Now a chain reaction has begun and everyone who comes in contact with Karen Tandy understands the very depths of terror. Ann Sothern is a truly a hoot and makes Curtis seem almost Shakespearean–I remember my mother being in materton at the drive-in.