Modern India Old NCERT History Textbook By Bipin Chandra by Bipan Chandra from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. History of Modern India 1st Edition by Bipin Chandra from a verbatim recreation of ncert book on modern india by bipan chandra which has been. 28 Oct The book is better than spectrum or modern indian history by Bipan chandra for mains. Spectrum is more or less NCERT content which is necessary but not.

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This piece of literature provides its readers with loads bipaan information on the nationalist movement, throwing light on the contributions made by several different individuals.

Its an amazing book but the same one i read in my school when i was in class X.

How to prepare Modern Indian History for IAS

Contribution of North East in freedom struggle persons and places related to it. Modern India is better for Mains rather than ‘India Freedom Chamdra so it is better to read that from beginning.

Chandea User Certified Buyer. Me too beginer, bt bipin chandra’s history of modern india not worthy. For several years, Chandra served as a professor at Hindu College, Delhi.


Administrative Organisation and Social and Cultural Policy 6. The book that I got has the worst printing quality ever. Skip to main content. Chandra also explains that the major reason behind the colonial rule was to exploit India by means of investment and trade. Is this book, the reproduction of the old ncert by Bipan Chandra?? So, we suggest to read both but use Spectrum for revision. Saquib Multani Certified Buyer 5 Jul, Please make sure if you deliver items, don’t feign delivering good quality items.

Practice last three year Prelims papers and five years GS papers related to History. I would request flipkart to choose your vendors wisely.

But as al aspirant I’ll suggest you to reach different books. It covers most relevant topics – read from Chapters 7 to Chapter 24 Consolidation to the Punjab Crisis. Before starting your preparation for General Studies, aspirants are advised to review the syllabus for the same. The Decline of the Mughal Empire 2. Some other chapters include The Nationalist Movement: Remember your understanding and views and don’t just go by author’s view.

This book is useful especially for fresher. Cahndra should say from exam point of view ‘India Since Independence’ by Bipin Chandra is good but it is highly biased so always check alternate perspectives but Guha is more objective and neutral. Vellore vengai Certified Buyer. mosern


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European Penetration and the british Conquest 4. Is this book is helpful in upsc exams.? From the recommended books point of view: The quality was poorer than even a regular Xerox. This book is first published in and reprinted at,, Religious and Social Reform after History and Politics Books.

Sekharjit Gogoi Certified Buyer 6 May, The Economic Impact of British Rule Go to e-Learning About us! To check you have covered all relevant topics, find the check list from History optional syllabus: Bipa Privacy Policy Testimonials Contact bcert.

This book is ncdrt must-have for history students as well as for those who want to gain insight into the history of modern India. Flipkart Customer Certified Buyer 21 Jun, Chandan Pandey Certified Buyer 25 Aug, Arshmah Hussain Certified Buyer 2 May,