The Motorola GR Repeater provides the perfect solution. By making it easy to extend your two-way system to accommodate longer distances, these. Find great deals for Motorola Radius GR Repeater Station Input Voltage / vac. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Motorola gr repeater – 12 results from brands Tram, Motorola, Icom, products like Icom MICRO UHF MHZ 50W Repeater Duplexer N CONNECTOR.

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All of this is described in the manual revision AApart of the 68PW84 MaxTrac manual, described below. Almost anyone could get a Radius dealer agreement. Receive Verified supplier details.

motorola gr500 repeater

If you can get by with 15 channels you can have one additional input function – transmit PL inhibit, for example. The internal wiring connects to the accessory connector and requires pin radio s. The MaxTrac family radios have a built-in front panel speaker and sometimes you will find a radio that has the jumper wire that connects the physical speaker to the logic board missing the radio was obviously used only with an external speaker.

Again, in each case the “real” Moto part is probably the cheapest and since it’s a stock item you won’t have to wait for it. Please enter your Email ID.

So the first time you have any new-to-you radio open for the first time you will want to verify the setting of this jumper and in reality, all of the jumpers. Second, the microphone input pin 2 on the 16 pin accessory connector is NOT pre-emphasized! One last comment on channel steering: I50R Basic Interconnect — Adds basic interconnect and remote knock-down and set-up.

The D03, D04, M03 and M04 models where the second character is a zero are two watt rated radios that were rfpeater and marketed for the Low Power Industrial LPI radio service think “in-plant forklifts”, golf courses and similar low power usage.

That also means you must unsolder and remove the DC power connector from the circuit board first. Depending on the radio model it will have either a 5-pin mktorola 16 pin accessory connector.


The VHF low band radio uses the same This section covers the mobile radios – see the DeskTrac Overview article in this section for additional information on the tabletop station.

Does anyone have additional photos of a GR an internal photo would be nice?

Motorola GR500 Repeater

One major thing to remember is that the radio won’t program on the new “in between” narrowband frequencies since the kit only narrows up the receiver IF amplifier, notorola for the lower level of receiver audio recovery and reshapes the exciter modulation.

We would welcome any photos or schematic scans for any item in this list: Another difference is in the data sheets and RSS only The original ones used the parallel port, the newer ones are USB. Adding a DB9 pigtail cable is easy see the article in this section. Remember that the beauty of a repeater is that it is a device that allows one-to-many communications rather than a cellphone, which is limited to one-to-one. Tell us what you need by filling in the form.

Nature of Business Manufacturer. To power a low-drain outboard device. The alert pin is grounded when normal i. If you are building one up, or rebuilding releater do not bother with the factory coaxial cable kit that comes with the internal duplexer, it is made from some really cheap RG58 grade cable with a very loose weave.

We have earned a dignified reputation in the market eepeater to our integrity, reliability and consumer focus. The available models of the GR were: The quick and dirty solution is to remove the two female pins from the PC plug body, put heat-shrink on them individually and push each one onto the logic board pins see this photo.

Our endeavors are actually directed towards achieving the highest standards in the arena of client satisfaction. If you try to use a standard repester on the high power low band MaxTrac you will soon be buying the special bracket. You may find that the model number tag is gr50 Because MaxTrac was the first series marketed in the US, and the later Radius and GM series radios are so similar to them some people have used the term “MaxTrac” or “MaxTrac family” to refer to just the MaxTrac series while others reeater the term to apply to all three series of radios collectively.


Note that there are errors in these repeaterr, so always check with Motorola’s Parts ID group before placing your new mic orders. If the only problem you have is worn teeth and the antenna cable connector becomes loose on its own try slipping a tiny O-ring on the center pin of the plug, then tightening the connector enough to compress the O-ring about halfway.

There is motorolla 3-position rotary switch hidden behind the snap-cap in the middle of the front panel, below the Power LED, that selects which unit is programmed. In those cases you really will want an external speaker – and the repeateg made for the MICOR or Syntor speaker is an excellent choice.

From an email to repeater-builder: Hams tend to have long transmit times – and it has been my experience that the extra power is not worth the extra heat, and the trip back to the site to replace a fried radio! This is the pinout of the pin accessory connector.

Motorola GR Repeater

Some radios have this sticker, some motorooa. There are also amplified speakers used in fire trucks, and other noisy environments that are br500 of Motos “Power-Voice” line that include the HSNB. They didn’t have enough circuit board real estate for the audio compander circuitry so they were forced to redesign one of the two front panel boards as well.

It provides the flexibility of frequency bands, power levels, and mounting requirements in a wide variety of applications.