30 Nov Pivot Trader by Steve Copan is a trading method that shows you how to spot when the markets are changing direction and how far they will. What is Pivot trading is one of the obvious questions. First of all Pivot trading is what I have called this book for reasons to do with the method explained inside it . Trading Market Reversals: Proven Seasonality & Pivot Trading Tactics by John. Savage Sales Secrets: 29 Proven Strategies for Profitable Sales by Steve.

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Steve Copan – Forex Author Profile

I will admit that from the previous posts there appears to be a bit of history here that I am not aware of so I can’t really comment on that. If anyone else thinks this is a good idea, please also send an email to Frank asking him to show us a prediction in advance. In this case it is a maths genius apparently,who,besides them say he’s a genius?

My opinion so far. Definitely one to add to the repertoire for the future. May 5, at 6: This can certainly be the best Forex tool for beginners as it helps avoid locking your margin into currency pair s that are expected to perform in the same way.

I paper-traded for about 3 weeks to make sure I could operate the system, and it hardly lost — 4 losers out of 24 trades, at 1: August 19, at 1: You do not need any indicators of traeing kind as it is all done with your eyes and a calculator.


Do remember, your comments are important — If you have used or decide to use this system, please contribute to the community by reporting back your findings. So a stand alone automated system would be nice. In my experience ten minutes is very optimistic. April 1, at Pivot Trading By Steve Copan.

If you are willing to explore something possibly different from what you might be currently trying, and see if a sea-change can improve your bottom line No Sign-ups, no Ads! When released, his latest product he sent a short 7 line email to his members. Search this Thread Advanced Search.

Steve Copan – Pivot Trader Book () – Trading Forex StoreTrading Forex Store

Nov 19,6: December 14, at 1: Forget about trading without a plan. But it takes days to get a trade, which then takes a little slice out of a much bigger move and the total risk in the trade is greater than the potential profit.

December 6, at 2: Being promoted again by Agora. So given the excellent longer term results I will persevere with it and hope the present scenario is just a bad patch.

This is plain stupid.

Pivot Trader Review – Steve Copan

August 17, at 2: I looked at everything I could because I knew after 5 minutes after I was directed here that it was going to be a total waste of time and I decided to write something about it. I hope someone finds this info useful.


You copaj search the internet for Pivot trading and get a load of different results and most relate to pivots in price worked from an averaged price range producing support and resistance S1, S2, R1 and R2 pivot price levels that may or may not become future support and resistance, while my method in this book that I call Pivot trading has nothing to do with this.

March 22, at You see, although he has been sharing his success strategies for the past 14 years he has only ever released 4 products. It really does depend on the system, and or ease for yourself in doing anything with it.

After the close of the daily candles, this can be late in the evening or the next day, the charts are scanned to look for possible set ups and orders placed for those that are indicated. Search this Thread Advanced Search. But Max at Forex Roundup has given me permission to show you his article on pivots here.