16 Oct I love my Bubble Screen Playbook. In fact I love it so much it replaced my quick game. Yea, we still throw hitches and slants, but other then. OFFENSIVE PLAYBOOK. Introduction Running and Passing Plays are Complimentary — Our offense is a system, with the running game .. It means studying your playbook — we can’t afford any mental . Pro Right 26 Sweep, On One, On One, Ready – Break To play a pressuring style of defense, gambling that their. 27 Nov Professional Football has seen many styles of offense throughout its storied history. These playbooks all range from run heavy to pass heavy.

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Trying to get back to basics with a twist. Quality Over Quantity My new mantra this year was to simplify and get really, really good and a few core play. Ofvense to know which Bubble Screens you should be running against different looks.

The Defense was once the passing answer for teams that ran the Been Coaching the o line for about 17 years from the youth to the high school level. Our team ended up with a record and lost two of those games to crazy last second plays!

11 Top Air Raid Offense Playbook Plays

Pick plays are sfyle good example of this that man teams have to really work to defend. Toggle Sliding Bar Area. Another aspect of the complexity is that the running game is primarily built on zone blocking or involves a power run scheme. Here are three great videos and diagrams of pass concepts that he breaks down to a local TV station reporting on MTSU. Sometimes we offwnse over complicate a simple thing and the resulting confusion leads to poor execution!


Im the oc for a pro development team Id like to get more info on this style offense. Again this is another route concept that teams at all levels and offensive styles have adopted into their systems. Shakes The Shakes concept is a classic 2-high safety beater that has worked for decades.

Passing Game Archives – Pro Style Spread Offense

Many different defensive schemes, fronts and philosophies have been used in the NFL. But what is the Pro Style Spread Offense? It puts 8 defenders into the box to help against the run, but is vulnerable against the pass because of the 1 deep safety.

Of course that would never really happen. If you have the talent that can run and jump on and a QB with a gun for an arm, this is the Air Raid play of your dreams.

Retrieved from ” https: Read more about how to run the bubble screen as a part of your offense here. Then, when you add in a mobile QB running the option you have the defense outnumbered!

It was made famous by legendary coach Tom Landry. Most Air Raid coaches today will say that if they only had one pass play this would be it. W hat are the basics of Cover 4? It is run playbooi every level from Youth football to the Professional ranks. Yea, we still throw hitches and slants, but other then that…the bubble stylle so much deadlier […]. It is a defense that brings significant pressure by putting 8 men on the line of scrimmage.


I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. There are answers to that though in running routes and cuts that make it pri to stay with receivers as they make their breaks. All slants is the one step answer to everything.

Sometimes they are also called Tunnel Screens, but in the Air Raid offense they are labeled with one word for each side they are run to.

In his first […]. These playbooks all range from run heavy to pass heavy. I cover my favorite play 21 Personnel Power and a simple […]. These files provide a teaching tool for the various styles of the run iffense including Zone Blocking.

American football formations American football strategy. The philosophy of the West Coast is to emphasize short, horizontal passing passing plays that allow for a high completion percentage and a great run after the catch ability. All Slants All slants is the one step answer to everything.