Essential reading for experts in the field of RF circuit design and engineers needing a good reference. This book provides complete design procedures for. New chapters, examples, and insights; all infused with the timeless concepts and theories that have helped RF engineers for the past 25 years! RF circuit design. 8 Apr RF circuit design is now more important than ever as we find ourselves in an increasingly wireless world. Radio is the Chris Bowick.

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Normalize the frequencies of interest by dividing them by the cutoff frequency of the filter. The loaded Q must be equal to 20 at the resonant frequency of 50 MHz.

Use the tapped-C approach and assume that inductor 0 is at MHz. Note that all of the curves shown indicate Qs that are greater than 80 at 1 00 MHz. Low-Q filters tend to have the flattest passband response but their initial attenuation slope at the band edge is small.

The coupling mechanism that is used is generally chosen specifically for each application, as each type of cou- pling has its own peculiar characteristics that must be dealt with. We will determine what causes resonance to occur and how we can use it to our best advantage. The low-pass prototype element values corresponding to the Chebyshev responses of Figs. If the total Q of the network is less than about 0. This has already been mentioned on numerous occasions.

Carbonyl HP Excellent stability and a good 0 for lower frequency operation — to 50 kHz. We then scale these values using Equations and Elsewhere on the data sheet, material No. In many cases, these methods can make a previously unworkable prob- lem workable again, complete with realistic values for the coils and capacitors involved.

Granted, this is not an exact process, but it works and, if documented, can be reproduced. Source impedance driving its complex conjugate and the resulting equivalent circuit.

RF Circuit Design

Initially, at lower frequencies, the inductor’s reactance parallels that of an ideal inductor. They are typically produced on alumina or beryllia substrates and offer very little parasitic reactance at frequencies from DC to dwsign GHz. Table outlines the recommended minimum element-Q requirements for the filters presented in this chapter.


Let’s take, for exam- ple, a pF capacitor as the shunt element Fig.

Full text of “RF Circuit Design 2nd Edition”

Last but not least, I thank the two most important people to any published book author — namely the acquisition editor, Rachel Roumeliotis and the project manager, Anne B. Thus, several advantages can be realized. The insertion loss of the filters presented in this chapter can be calculated in the same manner as was used in Chapter 2.

This step forces your data to be in the same form as that of the attenuation curves of this chapter, where the 3-dB point on the curve is: Other areas of innovation in the RF industry will come from improved RF power transistors that promise to give wireless infrastructure power amplifiers new levels of performance with rr reliability and ruggedness.

Wirewound resistors have problems at radio frequencies too. Smaller size — due to the fewer number of turns needed for a given inductance. Toroid manufacturers typically publish data sheets which contain all the information needed to design inductors and transformers with a particular core. The top-L coupling would attempt to skew the response in the opposite direction and would, therefore, tend to counteract any skew caused by the capacitive coupling.

Skin Effect A conductor, at low frequencies, utilizes its entire cross-sectional area as a transport dfsign for charge carriers.

You should now be somewhat famil- iar with the methods that are used in analyzing passive resonant circuits to find quantities, such as loaded Q, insertion loss, and bandwidth. This increased current density near the edge of the conductor is known as skin effect.

circuiy Essentially then, this converged mobile device would bring together traditionally disparate functionality e. The effects of various values of capacitive coupling on passband response.

Shielding a transformer decreases its loaded Q and has the effect of increasing the coupling.


Bessel Low-Pass Prototype Element Values Bandpass Filter Design 57 THE DUAL NETWORK Thus far, we have been referring to the group of low-pass pro- totype element value tables presented, and then we dedign the schematic that is located either above or below the tables for the form of the filter that we are circuiit, depending on the value of RJR S – Either form of the filter will produce exactly the same attenuation, phase, and group-delay characteristics, and each form is called the dual of the other.

It quickly became bowicm that, in order for this book to continue to serve its purpose as your hands-on guide to RF circuit design, changes were required. It has previously been men- tioned that the careless addition of a magnetic core to an air-core inductor could possibly reduce the Q of the inductor.

desiggn It may be tedious at times, but it’s well worth the effort. The 1-ohm load resistor is then placed directly across the output of the filter. For all odd-order networks, the response at DC and at the upper edge of the passband approaches 0 dB with dips in the response between the two frequencies.

Chip capacitors and flat ribbon capacitors are shown in Fig. As a matter of fact, of the components we have dis- cussed, the inductor is probably the component most prone to very drastic changes over frequency.

And, to better handle parasitic and high-speed effects on circuits, accurate modeling and back-annotation of ever-smaller layout elements will become critical, as will accurate electromagnetic EM modeling of RF on-chip structures like coils and interconnect.

Of course, there is no perfect conductor and, thus, an inductor always has some finite Q.

This type of filter is called, appropriately enough, a bandstop ciecuit. Manufacturers now sup- ply excellent literature on available sizes and types of cores, complete with their important characteristics.