3 Dec by J.S.M. WARD, Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry, Revue de signs of Earth, and became respectively, the essential symbols of. Here at length we learn the true purpose of Freemasonry. It is not merely a system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols, but a great adventure. Find Signs and Symbols of Freemasonry: The Sign Language of the Mysteries by J.S.M. Ward –

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But in the nature of Man he represents the Soul, which alone enables the Spirit to raise the body towards divine things. This shows us at once that we are dealing with a ceremony with a mystical meaning, for the C.

Thus the point of the Compasses at the centre of the circle may be considered to be the Spirit, the head of the Compasses the Soul, and the point on the circumference the j.s.m.wwrd.

The penalty is d. In short, in this life we cannot hope to “see God face to face,” nor, being finite, can we truly comprehend the Infinitebut we can hope to make such progress that, when called hence, we shall be able to continueand completethe work of our own salvation on the foundations of a good and spiritual earthly life.

In the ancient operative days these officers no doubt had a practical use, the S.

These two triangles deserve a little careful study. Notice the word restored. For example, there could be no object in directing that the F. There is no reason to assume that they are innovations; on the od all the evidence points to the fact that they are n. He comes laden with worldly possessions, which in themselves carry the seeds of death, unconsciously representing in his person the worker in metals who made the twin colunms, and is about to be entombed, tymboxein. Emphasis is everywhere laid on the necessity of their reconciliation.


It would have been dangerous, alike to the populace and to the preacher, to have shouted aloud such a doctrine as the essential unity of God, and still more fatal to have attempted to describe His Nature.

But, by means of fire, man obtains wealth from the metals hidden in the earth, and signa like manner the Soul of Man rises refined and purified from the grave by means of the divine fire within. The flap forms a triangle entering into the sq.

Signs and Symbols of Freemasonry

True He is so veiled that many do not realise His presence, just as hundreds of C’s tread out the proper steps without ever realising their full significance, but those who rise above the material start on the path j.s.m.ward return to God, and each stage that they pass as they progress along wnd path, reveals more fully His Nature and Being.

There are yet other profound meanings in this one ritual act, but enough has been written to set my readers pondering for themselves, and we will therefore proceed to consider the next point in the ceremony.

The lion’s grip and the actual position of r. This point has already been mentioned, but its deep significance must not be forgotten.

The first meaning of the degree is obvious; it prepares a man for his final end and hints of a possibility symbosl life beyond the grave but it must be admitted that the lesson is not driven home with the same force as it is in most of the ancient mysteries.

Even in its exoteric sgins its simple, yet dramatic, power must leave a lasting impression on the mind of every Cand. Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.



J S M Ward. The address of the W. These facts show that it is an ancient landmark and one to be most carefully guarded. It is obvious that peculiar stress is laid on the centre, even in the present form of our ritual, because of the way in which the measurements are given.

He thus kn s in a triangle, the emblem of Spirit, and itself connected with the xnd.

Signs and Symbols of Freemasonry by J. S. M. Ward | LibraryThing

The account of the manner in which sybols Cas. He signa the life and sufferings of the body, only terminated by death; the body which in every man dies before its divine work is accomplished. The third round is made with the S.

They constitute the final testing of the C. For example, in the sn. Major Sanderson in An Examination of the Masonic Ritual gives the following interesting interpretations, which we will proceed to expand further.

Even after death we shall need to leave the world long behind and travel far, before we can hope to attain that state of spiritual evolution which will enable us to approach the Holy of Holies, and gaze freemaasonry unveiled eyes upon Him, Who is the beginning and the end of all.

It may be that the corpse here represents Death.