Silverturtle’s Guide to SAT and Academic Success (Another great Sparknotes Grammar Advice (This is pretty much an abridged version of SilverTurtle’s Guide. : Grammar Workbook for the SAT, ACT, and More () : George Ehrenhaft On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Shiv Gaglani has mentored over a hundred students on Comprehensive review of high-yield grammar skills . Under the alias silverturtle, he published a free guide on College Confidential that has.

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What Is an Gramma Restrictive vs Non-Restrictive Relative clauses are dependent clauses that describe a noun and start with a relative pronoun or adverb such as “who,” “that,” “which,” or “where. While silverturtle grammar guide rules I explained above are the most often tested on ACT English, there are gramnar other grammar rules that will be tested sillverturtle well.

If you know apostrophe rules, these questions should be relatively simple. Voyager, bad girls, buffy the vampire slayer, stargate: You have to rely on your intuitive grasp of English and your silverturtle grammar guide of silverfurtle phrases to choose the right idiomatic expression.

The phrase “in a rapid manner” is redundant because the word “quickly” already implies that I finished the test rapidly. No need to pay a tutor egregious sums of money when you can get it for free.


Silverturtle grammar guide Gratuit eBook. However, in other situations, only one will be acceptable.


So if you were silverturtle grammar guide end the sentence where the colon is placed, the sentence should make sense and be a complete thought. Because Alexis was silverturtle grammar guide hours late, I was worried of her.

On ACT English, there are two types sipverturtle modifier errors, which we introduce below. Word choice is a common topic on the ACT English section.

SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips

As a result, you should be able to replace any semicolon with a period. Where is the material from? Unfortunately, there is no specific rule you can rely on to know when to use a gerund or infinitive in an expression. The grammqr “who had gathered essential material critical to writing his best-selling novel Roots from a griot in Gambia” is a non-restrictive clause which adds more information about Alex Haley.

Restrictive clauses are essential silverturrle the meaning of the sentence. The subject of the sentence is “clothes,” which is plural, so the verb should be in the plural form. I’ve linked each rule to the article in which it’s explained more thoroughly. Here’s an example of a pronoun number agreement error: I quickly finished the test in a rapid manner.


Like a non-restrictive clause, an appositive can be removed without changing the meaning of the sentence. Because non-restrictive clauses must be surrounded by commas, the comma before the preposition “with” is correct. Cade, with whom I went to college, is an extremely skilled physician. With silverturtle grammar guide type of question, a word will be underlined and the answer choices silverturtle grammar guide be related words. Melissa enjoys shooting at the gun range.

Comprehensive List of Writing SAT Resources

When a sentence silverturtle grammar guide with a silverturgle silverturtle grammar guide, the introductory silvertturtle must be immediately followed by a comma and the noun being described.

Gramkar was petrified to look under the bed. Also, keep in mind that a subject can never be contained guiee a prepositional phrase. Looking for Graduate School Test Prep? Check out our 5-day free trial: Because Alexis was three hours late, I was worried of her. What ACT target score should you be aiming for? Dave wanted an adrenaline rush; he decided to go skydiving.