3 Apr I recently had the pleasure to attend Gojko Adzic’s “Specification by Example: From User Stories to Acceptance Test” training course taught. From the experience of leading teams worldwide, author Gojko Adzic distills seven key patterns and many practical rules for effective ways to specify, test, and . 7 Apr I recently had the pleasure to attend Gojko Adzic’s “Specification by Example: From User Stories to Acceptance Test” training course, taught by.

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Feb 24, Deniss Ojastu rated it really liked it Shelves: Too many software projects go to waste, exceed budgets and overshoot schedules simply because project teams do not take specific steps to understand the true business need of the client.

Learning Specification by Example From Gojko Adzic

Seven patterns, fully explored in this book, are key to making the method effective. Some teams started fresh on greenfield projects while others added SBE to existing brownfield projects.

Automating validation without changing specifications Chapter Thanks to the collaborative exercises, we went beyond the theory explained in the books, and we learnt how to write good specifications by experiencing how to run and facilitate a Specification By Example Workshop. Enjoyed this overview of a testing methodology that brings in BDD principles to automated software testing environments.

But it started be more interesting from the chapter 4. Although this book is a bit old, I think the concepts are exsmple valid and software projects can still benefit from Specification by Example.


Have read few first chapters. Given the acceptance criteria, ask people to write down the simplest possible examples of what we want to test. Chapter 9 Automating validation without changing specifications 9. The content of the book is great.

Specification by Example by Gojko Adzic

Specification by Example and Agile Acceptance Testing and talked about the author personal experience in this subject. Then I liked Part 2 of this book, but by the end of this part it started to be too technical for me probably because I’m business analyst, not auto tester. We learnt how to discover the right questions to ask by collaboratively visualising team’s and stakeholders’ understanding through real examples. Adopting a DevOps practice starts with understanding where you are in the implementation journey.

Chapter 15 Sabre Airline Solutions It’s good to defend the concept to the development team.

Further practices makes it possible to validate frequentlysuch as find the most annoying thing, fix it, and specificatkonset up a dedicated continuous validation environment and separate quick and slow tests. Great read that now has me wanting to learn more about how to implement these practices. The SbE approach is to create a clear, precise set of examples of a problem, free from technical or automation concerns, which can be easily verified by a domain expert.


The method has four main benefits: If we include unnecessary details, the specification becomes impossible to maintain, change, and execute and will go out of date very quickly.

This book distills exam;le the experience of leading teams worldwide effective ways to specify, test, and deliver software in short, iterative delivery cycles. I learnt from Metaphors We Live By that people think primarily in terms of prototypes, rather than in abstract categories, and so the idea of specifying by example seems inherently congruent to how we model the world. Case studies Chapter A must-read for ATDD learners.

The author describes an agile specification process from goal to living documentation. Key process patterns Chapter 5. I didn’t have any expectation and I’ve changed my opinion.

Specification by Example: How Successful Teams Deliver the Right Software [Book]

A UK based consultant, Gojko Adzic helps teams worldwide implement Specification by Example and agile testing practices. Why do we need to collaborate on specifications?

There are real-world, high-level case-studies, but I would like to have seen more examples of actual tests and tools.

Learn something that I couldn’t find in Gojko’s books.