23 May Krishnakarnamrutham krishna. Ocr language not currently OCRable. Ppi Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader Sri krishna. SRI KRISHNA KARNAMRUTHAM is a beautiful composition of verses describing leelas (past times) of Lord Sri Krishna. This develops prema bhakthi in the. Krishna Karnamrutham In Kannada: Source 1: | PDF Link | Text Link. ⇒ Krishna Karnamrutham In Gujarati: Source 1.

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Who has assumed the form of a human being, Would ,rishna surely be ours though we sing only his names. Devakyaa jatara kure samudhitha kreetho gavaam paalina. When krisyna would be able to drink, That light which is blue like a blue lotus, Which is what is left over after drinking it, By the youthful lasses of Vruja, As both our eyes have great desire to do drink that?

I salute the youthful phase of Lord Krishna, Who was capable of winning, God of love by his prettiness, Who was similar and so related to Clouds, Who was the lover of the lasses of Brindavan, Who used to appear with lot of ornaments, Who karnamruthzm a lotus like face which was smiling, Who had reddish lips which were full of sweetness, And was in the gate way of ebbing youth.

Sri Krishna Karnamrutham

In this rapid water like flow of the life of a man, At least one instant should be considered as remarkable, And that instant is the time is which we enjoy, The remarkable history of the black coloured child Krishna.

My mind is completely immersed in the lotus face Which is full moon like of Lord Krishna, Srii is embraced by the passionate playful glance if Gopis, Which shines by the music of his flute, with journey within notes, Which is being fondled, by the pretty eyes of Radha, And which is always smiling and is the ultimate sweetness. Let our mind be full of that bright light, Which has a smile which is always new, Which is the shower nectar in karnamruthwm eyes of people who see, And which is the proper place karnamfutham the breasts of Gopis.

Let there be victory to the light in the form of a child, Which is ever full by the length of its broad eyes, Which defeats the autumn moon by sfi light of its smile, Which is the personification of the plays of children, Which is being enjoyed by connoisseurs again and again, By leaving out jobs which are hard to perform, And which lives on the breast of Gopis who are proud of their karnamruthham.

According to some legends, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu discovered this work in Andhra on the last day of his visit kriahna Andhra and assigned copying work to a dozen copyists, instructing them krshna copy it overnight. Though he controls the entire world, He is karnamruthaj by looks by the wide eyes of the lasses of Vruja, And spreads the sense of happiness everywhere, And let that light live permanently in my mind and shine.

Oh Sandhyavandana, let good befall you, Oh bathing, my salutations sdi you, Of Devas and manes, I am not good at Tharpana ritual, And so please pardon me for all that, And I wash of all karna,rutham sins by sitting some where, And meditating on Krishna who is the ornament to Yadava clan, And who killed the bad man called Kamsa, And I believe that it is sufficient to do that and so what else is needed? For a very long time the love for Krishna, Karnamrutha is sweet, has a sweet smile and a festival for the eyes, Has been dominating my mind and so how can I ever hear, Advice about worshipping Gods,other than the king of my heart?


Who knocked my door? Let all of us be protected by the Lord Kesava, in whose case, On the inner petals of the lotus generated on whose stomach, Lord Brahma is a bee, On whose chest goddess Lakshmi shines and whose eyes are the moon and the sun, The divine river originating from whose feet became an ornament of the head of ShivaAnd by meditating on whose name all sins are removed permanently.

Let us be made happy by that lord, Who defeats nectar about its sweetness, Who is very pretty with the smile showing his mercy, Who gives satisfaction to the eyes of Gopis, And who is the place of origin of Goddess Lakshmi. There is a story that people were sent to Trivandrum to get a full book as only the first chapter was available in Andhra Pradesh. Create This Book Moriah Elizabeth.

Kirshna of the reasons for this are. Oh mind keep on meditating without stop on Mukunda, Who has eyes like the lotus flower during sun rise, Who shines due to the peacock feathers in his hair, Who is as blue as sapphire and is the luck of Gopis, And who is the root of the collection of Vedas.

Bless me with a side long glance of yours, Which is mixed with sweet music from karna,rutham flute, For ari you are pleased with me, I do not need any other one, And if you are not pleased with me. This light like form of Krishna is wonderful, For it has red colour on feet cooled by mercy, No space between hair locks, has breadth in his eyes, Prettiness in the body as black as black collyrium, And also youthfulness in his age.

Shree Krishna Karnamrutam – Wikipedia

Let there be victory to extreme joyous reaction of Joy of Krishna Which was ornamented by the glances of Radha, On his broad chest during love making, And which was tightly embraced at the end of love making, By Rukhmani, when she suddenly woke up from sleep, Leading to the limitless and pretty sense of joy.

When will I be able to drown in the series of glances, That karnamfutham drenched in mercy, which are as blue as the kuvalaya [6] flowers of Yamuna?

In this present time, when will I be able to see the God, Who has a pretty lotus like face, who often sees all the four sides, Who keeps on playing in his flute, different Ragas as he pleases, Who has ever shifting looks and who has extremely bewitching eyes. Hearing the prattle of the pretty Vruja srj about their love play with you, When karnamruhham were feigning to be asleep, you were struggling to stop the slow smile, With a wish to hear more of those stories, but you were not able karnqmrutham stop, Showing the standing erect of the hairs on your body and I pray you in that form.


Vilwamangalthu Swamiyar is believed to karnanrutham great scholar who was a great devotee of Guruvayurappanthe lord of Guruvayur. Beastie Boys Book Michael Diamond.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. I salute that child Gopala, who is saluted by seers and devas, Who is blue like a water rich cloud and likes to play with Gopis, Who sits below a wish giving tree and looks like a streak of lightning, Who is death to karnarutham of devas and plays in mind of good people.

Is this halo of light, that of a young boy, Whose portion of feet which is decorated by goddess Lakshmi, Beats hollow a crowd karnamruthma lotus flowers, Whose hands interested in playing the flute, Appear as if they are showing dancing poses, Whose hands show passion to the doe eyed damsels, Whose words appear to be a rain of sweetness, And whose face is beyond capacity of words karnamtutham describe.

Let actions other than those good be destroyed, By the illicit lover appreciated by the world, By the one who can be attained by thoughts of BrahmaAnd one whose splendour is greater than sapphire.

Let us be protected by the king of Yadhus, Who is surrounded by Gopa and Gopis, Who while sitting on the throne, put a Thilaka by musk, On the forehead of Rukhmani sitting on his lap, Touching with glee her breasts, Which lead to a smile at each other, Which was the worship of the God of love they both did.

Thaditha mupanatham thamala neelam, Tharala vilochana tharabhi ramam, Mudhitha mudhitha vakthra chandra bimbam, Makharitha venu vilasi jeevitham may. He is also believed to be responsible for spotting and building many of the temples of Kerala. Oh Lord, why is it that you, who is not visible, To the great scholars of Sasthras and Upanishads, And are great due to their great minds, But appear in front of my ordinary eyes, And are krishns a long time there, Without any reason or cause.

I am seeing a light, karnamrutha, is again and again drunk, By the Gopa maidens who have drowned themselves, In the flow of nectar of the light of the eyes, Which are red and wide like a hibiscus flower, And also drowned in the repeated play of the divine power, Which has a moon like face, decorated by drops of sweat, And prettily walks around with its lotus like little feet.