3 Mar Twenty minutes in, we hear the emergent cold call script. In just two My name is [my name] I’m senior vice president at Stratton Oakmont. *The guide is format. What you will receive: A Complete COPY of the original sales training kit for Stratton Oakmont’s very own “Strattonites.” The guide is. At the heart of the Straight Line Persuasion System is the powerful Sales Script! Let me explain, when I first started my brokerage firm (Stratton Oakmont) I was.

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Being a stock broker, even a dodgy one, is nothing like what it use to be. Interesting that it wasn’t widely exaggerated. I really have to give this some thought and talk to my wife about it, erm, can I call you back. How accurate was the movie’s depiction of what really went on at Stratton Oakmont drugs, hookers, business practice?

John, I deal with presidents, CEOS, top people and I didn’t get to this position in my career by being wrong too often, losing my clients strahton, or working on small trades, however, in an effort to make you feel more comfortable, lets do this, position half, it’s less you will make less as the stock trades higher, however your percentage gains remain exactly the same. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Jordan belfort Stratton oakmont Wolf of Wall Street sales script pdf file

I mean honestly, [firstname], honestly, seriously Prey: So, we carefully separated the original sales script and scanned each page. The guys who ran it were extremely sensitive to the term “boiler room operation” and, as was demonstrated once while I was there, if you wanted to get instantly fired in front of everyone by a screaming boss This auction is for a PDF xtratton of the training manual.


I’d imagine it was a lot like a current sales job, with a few more drugs thrown in. It doesn’t get into full depth as an AMA would, but it’s still an interesting read: Again, may be complete bullshit, I will never know.

Jordan belfort Stratton oakmont Wolf of Wall Street sales script pdf file | #

How fantastical do your claims sound? Haha yea I am actually interested in hearing some of the script.

Notify me of new comments via email. Where can I get the Stratton Oakmont sales script? How did we get this Stratton Oakmont internal training guide? You are commenting using your WordPress.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Script Builder will be available for the next 7 days only. The movie which was based off his book was his experience there, I want to hear a different perspective. Let me explain, when I first started my brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont I was already a closing machine, I could close just about anybody with a pulse. Then you go into some specifics about the company, then the first close comes.

How much does it cost? That was one potential title for this blog. I’ve forgotten my password.

Stratton Oakmont Sales Pitch

He said it was nearly impossible to hear the people you were speaking with, hundreds of which you called a day. See more on our comment removals policy here Other: You Need a Script! Hey thanks, thanks a lot [phone down] The scipt is spellbinding. Just last week one of my assistants was rummaging through some file boxes that had been in storage. I taught these guys my whole Straight Line System but I had forgotten to teach them how to write stratfon own Sales Script!


Were you convicted of any crime s following the bust of Stratton Oakmont, and what were your penalties? The written word completely fails to give justice to the incredible actions and body language throughout.

Submit a new text post. This would be a great companion material when you see the film or read the book. To avoid high shipping costs, we have made the product available for immediate digital download. Thanks for your interest. Let me introduce myself to you. I worked at Monroe Parker which was financed by him and ran by one of his best friends.

In real life, that was just an amazing oakmpnt. I’d bailed from that job just in the nick of time. I encouraged the same from my sales team and I made sure they had every advantage when dealing with prospects. Proof should be included in stratfon text of the post when you start your AMA. Oh one close was “Mr Jones, salee would you do If I made you 50k on this trade, what would you buy? Simply choose pay with debit or credit card.

We looked for this script of manual for sscript, actually when the Wolf of Wall Street book first came out. After payment is complete you will be redirected to a secure download page. Why do I need to login to see this item?

Sorry erh, I, appreciate the call.