Gbps/ch. LVDS swing mode to reduce EMI; Power Supply:V; Package: TSSOP56 ※Pin Compatible with THC63LVDM83R; Operating Temperature: . :DFSC(Connector). DFSCFA(Terminal). Corresponding LVDS Transmitter :THC63LVDM83R(Thine) or compatible. Pin No. Symbol. THine Electronics THC63LVDM83R: available from 2 distributors. Explore THine Electronics on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs.

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THC63LVDM83R THine Electronics,Inc., THC63LVDM83R Datasheet

Read the Text Version. Sort by Default Default. Begins in 08 D 08 Min 08 Sec. Have you placed an order? You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! However, there is a very slight possibility of failure in semiconductor devices. Reviews from the Global thc63lvdm83t English.

GND 5, 13, 21, Ground Clock in.

THC63LVDM83R Reduced Swing LVDS 24Bit/18Bit Color Host-LCD Panel Interface TSSOP56

All rights reserved 1 THine Electronics, Thc63lvdm83d. Return Policy The returns policy applies to specific items. If the items you purchased are non-Joybuy Collection Books; thc63lvdm3r. While we try to ensure product information is accurate, sellers may occasionally amend product information. To avoid damage to social or official organizations, much care should be taken to provide sufficient redundancy and fail-safe design.


Applicable products includes and only includes books from Joybuy Collection; 2. Even if there are incorrect descriptions, we are not responsible for any problem due to them. On-time Delivery Items will be shipped out within 7 days from placing your order.

All Stars 0 All Stars 0. Reviews from the Spanish site. The contents of this data sheet are subject to change without prior notice. Normal operation, IN L: Refund amount and methods may vary according to the item’s condition, date of purchase, and payment method. They are not meant to imply that the device should be operated at these limits. Reviews from Chinese Site. Our copyright and know-how are included in this data sheet. A phase-locked transmit clock Megabytes per sec throughputis transmitted in parallel with the data streams over afifth LVDS thc63lcdm83r.

Circuit diagrams shown in this data sheet are examples of application. Multiple factors, such as the shipping method, number of items, and package weight, may influence the calculation of the final shipping costs.



The other products non Joybuy c products will be charged separately; 4. Ships within days, Delivery estimate: Content on this site is for reference purposes, and we recommend that you contact the seller for additional information on the product. Bundle Deals Related Items. We are making the utmost effort to improve the quality and reliability of our products. Joybuy also provides discounts on other shipping methods. Thx63lvdm83r, this product is out of stock.

Reviews from Russian Site. Please note that incorrect descriptions sometimes cannot be corrected immediately if found. Your order is in dispute, please be careful. Therefore, please pay sufficient attention when designing circuits.

The other products non Joybuy c products will be charged separately.