BACK IN PRINT!Nick Trost is well known for his simple, easy-to-do brand of card magic. He uses subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand. The Card Magic of Nick Trost [Nick Trost] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ever since I got started in magic I got recommended to get the book “The Card magic of Nick Trost” But I never found it since it was out of print.

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Nick Trost is well known for his simple, easy-to-do brand of card magic. The material in the …. All of the material has been revised and rewritten especially for this book.

There are 11 chapters. This book comes highly recommended by a lot of magicians. Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy.

Includes Tom Hubbard’s handling at the end.

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The Bigfoot card is mixed in with the blanks and the spectator tries to “track down” Bigfoot by selecting a The Gathering of the Court Cards. Nick Trost Your comment will be deleted! Blackjack and poker combined demo. Variation of “Weight Guess” with cards face up. The Card Magic of Nick Trost.


Using a fair dice to force bottom off of seven card packet, by eliminating cards at mgic number repeatedly, independently discovered by Mitsunobu Matsuyama. What’s In A Name? October 16, at 2: Just wanted to say thank you so much. Ace as horses, run a miniature racetrack, uses matches.

Black Aces change to red Aces, black Aces shown to have vanished and then reappears on faced halves. Selected pair of ESP cards to be matching, other pairs don’t match.

Card Magic of Nick Trost – Book

As with the rest troet the books in this series, Mr. But then again, the tricks are simple to begin with. The first volume is hard to find however, but it would be worth the effort. Two cards are cut in half, follow the leader type of effect.

Magic Tricks

December 12, at 2: Inspired by Red or Black – Which? View our Frequent Questions. Variations Oddly Enough Simon Aronson Performer and spectator exchange cards from packets, shown to match, other cards are completely different. Focus by Phil Crd This is a packet trick book full of diverse material—both in method and effect.

Face up Five, five cards down is selection, produce four Aces.


Nick Trost is well known for his simple, easy-to-do brand of card magic. Blank cards print, to three Tens, then change to three Aces to match previously tabled Ace. Hi Steveim having a problem with out of this world lite using the first method in the bookit goes ok until get to the last card to go onto the black marker pilewhen I take the 2 cards of the top for the spectator to choose the pair is a red and black card — not 2 black as it suppose to beive gone through the instruction several timesmy friend has as well and we both find the same problemcould you try the first method as on your video you do the second method asking the spec to take the cards 6 -9 out of the packtks dave.

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Tros gaffed dice mispotted to locate card in one of six piles, credit info for plot given to publication in Nouvelles Recreations, Physiques et Mathematiques Gilles-Edme Guyot,